Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Closet Voyeur

The Closet Voyeur along with The Story Bureau visited home for your eye delight and mine.
Below some photos, view whole post here.

Michell Halley from The Story Bureau on Vimeo.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011


Este animal está conformado por tiempo. Carente de cualidades espaciales, no puede ser percibido por sensibilidad alguna. Sin embargo, hay quienes afirman haberlo notado entre los límites de la conciencia; otros, haberlo escuchado en la progresiva absorción de los sonidos. Se le ha descrito como el desconocido reflejo de un espejo frente a la absoluta ausencia de materia, también como aquel lugar al que miramos fijamente cuando no se mira a ningún lado. No se sabe si es un parásito del hombre o al revés. Dicen que sistemas numéricos y formas geométricas son algunos de los resultados inmediatos de la búsqueda de su historia. Se desliza silencioso entre el orden y el caos, o entre los innumerables conceptos que tenemos de ellos. Al parecer, los grandes moldes de toda actividad humana lo configuran; por ello, permitiría una repetición minuciosa de la historia si cada uno de los actos humanos se borrase.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Achronia, A Shoreless Ocean

Time was not "lost", "lacking", or "subtracted". Instead, the impression was of being beyond (any conceivable personal notion or conventional constructs of) time. No time existed. Neither this word nor this writer existed.

Now you may be able to glimpse the scope of kensho´s dissolution of time. For at each end, all prior limitations have lapsed. Only vacancies remain. At left, no archer, actual or implied. No notch at that back end during infancy. No feathered interval since then. Off to the right, no arrowhead points at some imaginary future. No willful complusion must fire any arrows off toward some actionable, longed-for destination.

Instantly, the former subjective sense of "time" has opened out, at both ends, into a zero state beyond timelessness. Off to the left? Nothing retrospective. Off to the right? Nothing prospective.

What happens within that (former) narrow "window of now?" It still registers, and encodes, the ongoing sequence of unique events. Part IX stands as a testimony that certain basic immediate memory functions still continue to encode and record, even in the absence of self, at least in some parts and connections of the hippocampus. but off in either direction a yawning gap opens out where the edges of that old time frame briefly vanished into perpetuity.

What impression remains when all these other dimensions of subjective time dissolve? Various languages substitute mere abstractions for these two openings out into a vacancy. Words such as beginingless past and endless future are not quite accurate. At least, not if you read "-less" to mean that the experiant was really noticing the fact that "time" had actually been subtracted at that very moment. No, that fact is not appreciated until later.

In English, the flavor of the experience points (imperfectly) above and beyond all words and time constraints, toward

E T E R N I T Y.

Zen-Brain Reflections
James H. Austin

Monday, December 5, 2011

Aware of My Own Ignorance

A basic option sustained on a notion of Equality. In politics, when people (myself included), are ill-informed and their idea of government revolves around misinformation or ignorance, the brain is left in some sort of obscurity towards the reality in which one lives (!!!), thus producing immobility or poorly aware choices.

In the current "light" of Mexico, maybe simplicity, and access to concise information may propose a clearer way. Leveling each member of this so called Society to what he or she is, a human, no one hightened, nor idealized, not even the politician.
Why on some basis of the collective unconscious is the politician supposed to made out of this incorruptible, to some extent unquestioned fiber, when we, in affirmation and in action do not believe it? Shouldn´t we be the first to plant incorruption to harvest that same thing?

I´ve never believed a man can be fully judged or ridiculed by a single mistake, no matter how huge, medium or small it may be. What I do believe is that the current situation with Peña Nieto has produced an invitation to consciousness, how much do I really know, or want to know about this man? Below some words that sparked awareness, not only directed at EPN, but at other elected officials who´ve headed this and every other country in the world (but mainly this one).

How do we, the majority, become smarter? Smarter for our own welfare.


Imbeciles rise to power either by hereditary right or, if the system of choice is elective, because they possess certain demagogic talents, or very often, because it suits certain powerful interests within the community to have an imbecile in office. Most modern societies have abolished the hereditary principle in politics; idiots can no longer rule a country by right of blood. In the world of finance and industry, however, the hereditary principle is still admitted; morons and drunkards may be company directors by divine right. In the world of politics, the chances of getting imbecile leaders under an elective system could be considerably reduced by applying to politicians a few of those tests for intellectual, physical and moral fitness which we apply to the candidates for almost every other kind of job. Imagine the outcry if hotel keepers were to engage servants without demanding a "character" from their previous employers; if sea captains were chosen from homes for inebriates; or if railway companies entrusted their trains to locomotive engineers with arteriosclerosis and prostate trouble; or if civil servants were appointed and doctors allowed to practice without passing an examination! And yet, where the destinies of whole nations are at stake, we do not hesitate to entrust the direction of affairs to men of notoriously bad character; to men sodden with alcohol; to men so old and infirm that they can´t do their work or even understand what it is about; to men without ability or even education. In practically every other sphere of activity we have accepted the principle that nobody may be admitted to hold responsible positions unless he can pass an examination, show a clean bill of health and produce satifactory testimonials as to his moral character; and even then if office is given, in most cases, only on the condition that its holder shall relinquish it as soon as he reaches the threshold of age. By applying thes rudimentary precautions to politicians, we should be able to filter out of our public life a great deal of that self-satisfied stupidity, that authoritative senile incompetence, that downright dishonesty, which at present contaminate it.

On "Inequality"
Ends & Means by Aldous Huxley

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Por si crees en Dios

Sólo a través de mi intuición veía posible una teoría que tocara los puntos a continuación. Llegué a toparme con la idea mediante un libro que habla de las intersecciones entre el Budismo y el Cristianismo... Aunque el término Apocatástasis sea absolutamente nuevo para mi, y lo de abajo un mero extracto de Wikipedia, me parece que define el amor infinito de Dios hacia su Creación y la esperanza de restablecer la armonía inherente, vivamos o no para verlo.

En mi noción de justicia, la profundidad de nuestras decisiones, la libertad que conlleva el libre albedrío, la causa, el efecto, me parece un trato justo. Delineando mi propio panteísmo/panenteísmo, hasta la propia personificación del mal i.e. "Lucifer" o como quieres llamarlo merece reivindicación.

Si es que la quiere, claro.


Es propio de la bondad de Dios -dice Orígenes- el que se manifieste por la creación y de su inmutabilidad el que cree desde la eternidad. El mundo de los espíritus, entre los que hay que incluir las almas de los hombres, es la primera manifestación o comunicación del Padre llevada a cabo a través del Logos. Todo humano fue creado ab aeterno y todos igualmente perfectos; y como la bondad no les pertenece por naturaleza, tendrán que decidirse a ella mediante el recto uso de su libertad. El abuso de la misma tuvo como resultado la creación del mundo sensible; en él se encuentran como en lugar de purificación mientras están como presos en cuerpos materiales. Esto no obstante, llegará el día en que todos los espíritus vengan de nuevo a Dios y aunque tengan que sufrir un fuego purificador, finalmente todos serán salvos y glorificados.

En lo expuesto hasta el momento en Orígenes ha sentado dos principios;

- Que Dios, como consecuencia de su bondad suma, ha tenido que ser el creador de unos seres espirituales y de un mundo sensible;

- Que dichos seres, con la prerrogativa de la libertad, son la única causa de la existencia del mal en el mundo.

En efecto, si Dios ha sido el principio, solamente Él puede ser el fin, "pues siempre fue semejante el fin a los comienzos", y se podrá decir que el mundo habrá alcanzado su finalidad en el momento en que la connatural resistencia entre la muerte y el demonio de una parte y Dios de otra haya desaparecido totalmente. Todos los espíritus, creados libres por Dios, conservarán eternamente su libertad y podrán simplemente elegir entre el bien y el mal: los demonios convertirse en ángeles, y viceversa, mientras que los hombres se convertirán en ángeles o demonios a no ser que hayan merecido seguir siendo hombres. No obstante, dicha evolución conocerá su término dado que la redención operada por Cristo tuvo por finalidad la restauración de todas las cosas; sin duda alguna, esta redención hace sentir paulatinamente su eficacia hasta el punto en que NADIE SERÁ SALVADO CONTRA SU VOLUNTAD. El mal no puede prevalecer con el dominio del mundo; si Dios lo permitió fue con vistas al bien; por tanto, las mismas penas de los demonios y condenados en el infierno no tienen otra finalidad que servir de enseñanza y de medicina. Así, pues -continúa Orígenes-, llegará un día en que todos los seres inteligentes, incluidos Satanás y ángeles rebeldes, entrarán de nuevo en amistad de Dios y Él "será todo en todos". Entonces todo lo no espiritual volverá a la nada y la unidad originaria de Dios y de toda criatura espiritual será restaurada.

Por si no

The apparent pointlessness of modern life in time of peace and its lack of significance and purpose are due to the fact that, in the western world at least, the prevailing cosmology is what Mr. Gerald Heard has called the "Mechanomorphic" cosmology of modern science. This universe is regarded as a great machine pointlessly grinding its way towards the ultimate stagnation and death; men are tiny offshoots of the universal machine, running down to their private death; physical life is the only real life; mind is a mere product of the body; personal success and material well-being are the ultimate measures of value, the things for which a reasonable person should live. Introduced suddenly to this mechanomorphic cosmology, many of the Polynesian races have refused to go on multiplying their species and are in process of dying a kind of psychological consumption. Europeans are of tougher fibre than the South Sea Islanders and become gradually acclimatized to the new cosmology. But even they have felt the effects of mechanomorphism.

They move through life hallow with pointlessness, trying to fill a void within them by external stimuli- newspaper reading, day-dreaming at films, radio music and chatter, the playing and above all watching of games, "good times" of every sort. Meanwhile a doctrine that offers to restore point and purpose to life is eagerly welcomed. Hence the enormous success of the nationalistic and communistic idolatries which deny any meaning to the universe as a whole, but insist on the importance and significance of certain arbitrarily selected parts of the whole- the deified nation, the divine class.

War brought only a passing relief to the victims of mechanomorphic philosophy. Disillusion, fatigue, and cynicism succeeded the initial enthusiasm and when it was over, the sense and pointlessness became a yawning abyss that demanded to be filled with ever more intenser distractions, even better "good times". But good times are not a meaning or a purpose; the void could never be filled by them. Consequently when the nationalists and communists appeared with their simple idolatries and their proclamation that, though life might mean nothing as a whole, it did posses a temporary and partial significance, there was a powerful reaction away from the cynicism of the post-war years. Millions of young people embraced the new idolatrous religions, found a meaning in life, a purpose for their existence and were ready in consequence, to make sacrifices, accept hardships, display courage, fortitude, temperance, and indeed all
the virtues except the essential and primary ones... Love and awareness- these are the primary, essential virtues.

The success of the dictators (some) is due in large measure to their extremely skillful exploitation of the universal human need for escape from the limitations of personality. Perceiving that people wished to take holidays from themselves in sub-human emotionality, they have systematically provided their subjects with the occasions for doing so. The Communists denounce religion as the opium of the people; but all they have done is to replace this old drug by a new one of similar composition.
(Decentralization & Self-Government)

Aldous Huxley, Ends & Means.