Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wolf Like Me, Tractate on the Steppenwolf

Hermann Hesse is truly an astonishing writer, whomever knows me knows the impact he´s had on whatever I am/have become/will be. This video shows a pictorial version of Steppenwolf from 1974 (via.debs). What Hesse produces goes well beyond catharsis if such a feeling exists. His world was the word-world though he himself didn´t actually believe in words, he thought the world of the word was only a half-world, a half-truth. Seems curious for a writer, maybe because nothing ever consumates unless a writer has a reader -the action, the flesh, the body that might give life to any and every word-, in physical terms; writing might be illusory until sex.

The real encounter- person to person. Not word to word.

Or Better said: SPIRIT TO SPIRIT.

Monday, March 26, 2012

North to the South, South to the West

Austin you are beautiful, your peoples are beautiful, your 45 minute wait for raw fish was worth every second, you somehow managed to reunite almost all of my ex-bfriends, your food trucks are ridiculous, your weather held up even if you threatened with rain every single day you noble son-of-a-bitch, took a 45 minute bus ride with a guy singing 867-5309 and the whole bus singing along on St. Patricks Day (!!!!) (sounds like the worst moment in SXSW history and it was, but for a second my bitterness made me laugh), and on the day I left I saw a thunderstorm on a terrace which nostalgically transported me to the time when my family and I sat in our parents room and watched lightning run across the city all night.

Texas you used to be part of Mexico, maybe that´s why I love you so much.

Highlights of my SXSW

Got cut off mid performance while everyone was getting into it. 100 people watching, don´t enjoy that particular venue, but it´s still 100 people, another reason for my love for Austin and SX.
* Met Tennesse Bunny in the bathroom told me how the The Like had split up (boo) and that she was looking forward to seeing Pond, didn´t get to it.

Almost 2 million views, and 100 people at the show, including the lovely Alexa Chung. Interrupted mid song "I don´t wanna be a dick, but come onn who´s setting up during my show?" Clapping righteously followed.
Devonté sat at our table at the Whole Foods Market thing, talked to him briefly, seemed super nice. DF soon maybe.

UF UF UF. Ah the full band experience at SXSW seems rare sometimes (when you´re into electronic). Apparat especially runs deep. Amazing, stopped by DF a couple of days before, had the chance to interview Sascha, full interview will be out for Mutek by PFAS.

No surprise here, I knew this was going to live up to its expectations. Everyone, literally everyone went bananas.

FINALLYYYY. Saw him at a church, acoustics- one of the best.

Travis I love you for you, Real def is a feeling.

Saw them at a shitty underground place that reminded me of the Lower East Side. Few times does one see A.I so happy, worth it.

First day killed. Thnks to SN.

In memory of Jose.

The surprise.

To name a few.