Monday, April 25, 2011


nicolas jaar is my favorite thing to happen to music in seconds.

gracias jose.

his new album does a great job at swaying me to sleep, though i´m not sure if the previous sustains my statement too well.

i´m obviously attracted to his space is only noise title, also part of my "metabiography".


HEALTH on PFAS Interview from Jose Manuel Espínola on Vimeo.

via PFAS

as i mentioned a couple of posts back, i was scheduled to interview HEALTH when they visited d.f some time back...
for reasons that go beyond my own physical capabilities/internal GPS, i didn´t make the interview, long story short, i got lost in a horrible part of downtown, horrible to the point of thinking i would never see daylight...
a good samaritan actually got into his car and escorted me to where i was going. even though in mexico city, this could also be a trap (yes, you read correctly, trap), his intentions were pure; it was the desperation on my face.

HEALTH one of the best live shows i´ve seen in 011.
the lost and thinking i was going to die part was worth it.

ps. HEALTH mentions PICTUREPLANE in this interview, some friends claim he´s the best thing to happen to music in seconds, now it´s all clearer...
HEALTH being one of those bands that´re underrated, yet the quality of their sound is rare, they´re way way better live than on tape, it´s not something you can say about a lot of bands nowadays... Pictureplane played DF on friday, didn´t go bc i was out of town, but if he´s backed by HEALTH, he must be carrying a worthwhile gig, I see where those conclusions are coming from... even if in the end, it´s all about the post-punk nostalgia.

Friday, April 15, 2011


..."Love must not entreat," she added, "or demand. Love must have the strength to become certain within itself. Then it ceases merely to be attracted and begins to attract....
Another time she told me a very different story, concerning a lover who's love was unrequited. He withdrew completely within himself, believing his love would consume him. The world became lost to him, he no longer noticed the blue sky and green woods, he no longer heard the brook murmur; his ears had turned deaf to the notes of the harp: nothing mattered anymore; he had become poor and wretched. Yet his love increased and he would rather have died or been ruined than renounce possessing this beautiful woman. Then he felt that his passion had consumed everything else within him and become so strong, so magnetic that the beautiful woman must follow. She came to him and he stood with outstretched arms ready to draw her to him. As she stood before him she was completely transformed and with awe he felt and saw that he had won back all he had previously lost. She stood before him and surrendered herself to him and sky, forest, brook all came toward him in new and resplendent colors, belonged to him, and spoke to him in his own language. And instead of merely winning a woman he embraced the entire world and every star in heaven glowed within him and sparkled with joy in his soul. He had loved and had found himself. But most people love to lose themselves.

Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


ok, so almost two hours of a youtube video seem insane, but let me say it´s well worth them. you´ll invest in something interesting instead of sitting around picking your nose. if you dig lynch, science, meditation, consciousness, how the brain works, a cameo on dreams, etc. then take a look.
right around min. 50, when dr. hagelin (a dude that´s being compared to einstein/who incidently looks like major garland briggs) explains the scientific perspective on meditation, i was blown away, i had no clue science had a way to explain such ethereal things. people call the micro micro micro worlds quantum physics, mechanics and such, i would call it something else.
laugh away people, now it´s science..

known unknowns

where and what would we be without language?
some would say language expands certain restraints and obstructions, others would argue that words remove the blockage. certain writers write about the author dying everytime he expresses himself on paper (barthes) giving his identity to his reader, the readers vision is added onto the writing, exchanging ones world for the writers world and vice versa.
our verb is our architecture and invisible legacy.
letters, words, sentences, phrases, and languages are necessary to a certain extent, but what happens beyond them when communication doesn´t seem to be enough... ?

what´s clearer, more words or less of them?
when are there less casualties?

this wasn´t the exact dj spooky song i wanted, but it´s close to the one i was listening to when i began thinking about music with few to no words.