Monday, September 20, 2010

absence of light

maximum balloon, new project by tvotr´s dave sitek with collaborations with david byrne, kyp malone, karen o, theophilus london, little dragon, etc. is this just a forshadowing of times to come when full albums will indicate feat. some small/big/medium band to show us -the audience- a bit of the creators musical taste? (this of course is my naïveté writing) it also may be expand on the bands said creator produces (yeah yeah yeahs, holly miranda, telepathe, liars, and the list goes on). and/or, i don´t think it really matters, because what he does he does, he does it oh so well.


Alvaro Obregon 293 Col Roma

Estas invitado a esta noche de Rockafellas “LadoB” con un invitado especial: Matt Tong de BLOC PARTY

Quien es MATT TONG?

Después de de haberse graduado en Londres en Tecnología Musical en la Thames Valley University conoce a Kele Okereke quien le preguntó a Matt si quería hacer una prueba para la banda (Kele, Gordy y Russell fueron muy específicos en lo que estaban buscando), 8 bateristas habían pasado ya por el arduo proceso de completar la alineación) Matt se sentó en la bateria, y lo que los otros tres hombres escucharon fue mágia: era el sonido que nunca pensaron que podría existir… de ahi surgió una química sólida.

Durante espectáculos en vivo, Matt es conocido por su precisión, habilidad y sus solos en la bateria. Un ventilador eléctrico a menudo proporciona algo de alivio para que no arda de forma espontánea como los numerosos bateristas del falso documental “This Is Spinal Tap”. Fuera del escenario puede que por su estatura alta tenga una presencia imponente, pero es conocido por su actitud alegre y sus bromas, socialmente así como musicalmente, Matt era la pieza que faltaba y que ahora fusiona firmemente los elementos de Bloc Party… no te lo pierdas esta noche selecta con este gran invitado que viene a compartirnos parte de su egoteca musical en los decks de El Imperial.


Rockets Team + Anna Stephens & Guests

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

holy other

WE OVER from HOLY OTHER on Vimeo.

my musical tastes seem to be looping lately, i´ve analyzed that my attraction to non-guitar music seems to come from a childhood of listening to classical and jazz, something i didn´t seem to be the least bit interested in, now i see it might have done me some sort of "good". love love love.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


to say, Yes, I lied, but consider my position, send three spiders in a matchbox. Rubies and juniper are apologies. Sign your name with blue ink if you want another chance, green for ambivalence, red if you´ve torn your mouth from its hinges. A bird´s nest warns that desire obeys only itself. Twine says shame. You love her, but you love yourself more? Wrap a magnet in newspaper. Abalone means We must resign ourselves to fate; paintbrushes There is much I cannot Understand. Cotton is astonishment. And if you know you must speak, but not how or where to begin? Amaryllis.

Joel Brouwer.

i stole this poem from a wall, and it appeared yesterday inside my bag. seemed adecuate.

sight, blindness & purpose

man is not by any means of fixed and enduring form (this, in spite of suspicions to the contrary on the part of their wise men, was the ideal of the ancients). he is much more an experiment and a transition. he is nothing else than the narrow and perilous bridge between nature and spirit. his innermost destiny drives him on to the spirit and to God. his innermost longing draws him back to nature, the mother. between the two forces his life hangs tremulous and irresolute. "man," whatever people think of him, is never anything more than a temporary bourgeois compromise.

that man is not yet a finished creation but rather a challenge of spirit; a distant possibility dreaded as much as it is desired.

as for the way of true manhood, the way to the immortals, he has, it is true, an inkling of it and starts upon it now and then for a few hesitating steps and pays for them with much suffering and many pangs of loneliness. but as for striving with assurance, in response to that supreme demand, towards the genuine manhood of the spirit, and going the one narrow way to immortality, he is deeply afraid of it. he knows too well that it leads to still greater sufferings, to proscription, to the last renunciation, perhaps to the scaffold, and even though the enticement of immortality lies at the journey´s end, he is still unwilling to suffer all these sufferings and to die all these deaths. though the goal of manhood is better known to him than to the bourgeois, still he shuts his eyes.

herman hesse.