Friday, December 10, 2010

"don´t pay attention to anything you see in the news"

this came kind of late, i decided to read kanye west´s review on pitchfork out of curiosity. i thought it was a pretty brilliant psychoanalysis of our times, and how almost about everyone i know feels this way even if they don´t know how to say it. i´ve never been a huge kanye follower, but you can´t deny the ego this one wears.

With "Runaway", he rousingly highlights his own douchebaggery, turning it into a rallying cry for all humanity. Like many of his greatest songs, it's funny, sad, and perversely relatable. And while the royal horns and martial drums of "All of the Lights" make it sound like the ideal outlet for the most over-the-top boasts imaginable, West instead inhabits the role of an abusive deadbeat desperate to make good on a million blown promises. "Hell of a Life" attempts to bend its central credo-- "no more drugs for me, pussy and religion is all I need"-- into a noble pursuit. As a woofer-mulching synth line lurks, Kanye justifies his dreams of not sleeping with but marrying a porn star, peaking with the combative taunt, "How can you say they live they life wrong/ When you never fuck with the lights on." Inspired by his two-year relationship with salacious model Amber Rose, the song blurs the line between fantasy and reality, sex and romance, love and religion, until no lines exist at all. It's a zonked nirvana with demons underneath; a fragile state that can't help but break apart on the very next song.

The haunted, Aphex Twin-sampling "Blame Game" bottoms out with a verse in which Kanye's voice is sped up, slowed down and stretched out. The effect is almost psychotic, suggesting three or four inner monologues fighting over smashed emotions. It's one of many moments on the record where West manipulates his vocals. Whether funneling some of his best-ever rhymes through a tinny, Strokes-like filter on "Gorgeous" or making himself wail like a dying cyborg in the final minutes of "Runaway", he uses studio wizardry to draw out his multitudes. Tellingly, though, he doesn't get the last word on the album. That distinction goes to the sobering tones of Gil Scott-Heron's 1970 spoken-word piece "Comment #1", a stark take on the American fable. "All I want is a good home and a wife and children and some food to feed them every night," says Scott-Heron, bringing the fantasy to a close.

On "POWER", Kanye raps, "My childlike creativity, purity, and honesty is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts/ Reality is catching up with me, taking my inner child, I'm fighting for custody." The lines nail another commonality between the rapper and his hero. Like Michael, Kanye's behavior-- from the poorly planned outbursts to the musical brilliance-- is wide-eyed in a way that most 33 year olds have long left behind. That naivety is routinely battered on Twisted Fantasy, yet it survives, better for the wear. With his music and persona both marked by a flawed honesty, Kanye's man-myth dichotomy is at once modern and truly classic. "I can't be everybody's hero and villain, savior and sinner, Christian and anti Christ!" he wrote earlier this month. That may be true, but he's more willing than anyone else to try.

Ryan Dombal, November 22, 2010
for pitchforkread the rest.

at some parts shallow but a shallowness full of honesty. all i can say is that even if we are or have been all over the place, there will come a time where we´ll have to choose.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


i´ve been doing my homework for tomorrows HEALTH thing, turns out i´m a fan, so this post is for any other fan or curious lad that may happen to be wandering around out there.

if someone has a question they´d like to ask them, post it on my comments and i´ll include it in my interview. it´s probably a bit late, but maybe someone out there stumbles upon i´ll be your mirror.

i´ll be checking until tomorrow around 6 pm.


mañana estaré entrevistando a HEALTH, si eres fan, este post es para ti, sí tú...
si tienes alguna pregunta que le quieras hacer a esta agrupación posteamela en los comments y la incluyo.

estaré checando los comments hasta mañana alrededor de las 6 pm.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


someone out of the 10 people that read this, might have seen on my profile that there´s a link to a new site. all that means is that i´ve begun a collaboration with PFAS, a music blog that used to be also known as pretty fresh all stars. it includes stuff other music blogs include, the interesting detail is to give viewers/readers a behind the scenes look at what bands are doing in mexico, either if they´re international or local, take that visit and create something brand spanking new.

hecho en mexico.

check out the teaser.
and stay plugged in, i´ll be interviewing HEALTH on friday.

PFAS Teaser from Jose Manuel Espínola on Vimeo.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"you like me more than you think you do"

saw greenberg after a while of posting about the soundtrack. the whole movie seems to fit james murphy´s loosing my edge dilema.
strange how many friends, acquaintances, mental pictures, and pure assumptions of people i know and don´t made an appearance... bits of myself too.

below excerpts from a article james murphy wrote for a literary magazine called fivedials.

I’m interested in the way the cynical can be turned optimistic and the optimistic cynical, and what’s most interesting to me is a song that contains some sort of argument with loss.

Funny-sad is way more sad.

‘I wish I was like a real writer.’ They don’t realize that real writers are just as hapless. They just know that feeling: they’re doing it and I’m not.

Why does anything return? Maybe for that strange, unstable, psychotic reason people are happy and satisfied and feel cool, even for a moment.

if you´re interested in reading the rest download number 13.

i guess that makes murphy´s lyrics interesting and greenberg a personal pastiche on a whole bunch of people i know, or think i know.. the truth is that it´s all so damn pessimistic. the other day i was listening to this is it after a couple of months of giving it a rest, i rediscovered murphy trashes just about everything, and leaves little room for rebuttal, just when you´re about to hate him, he sets in phrases of revindication.

you might forget, forget a sound of a voice
still you should not forget, yeah, don´t forget...
the things that we laughed about

i know, i may not have lived as much, but how is expecting the worse, being cynical, living attached to our hang-ups (until our hang-ups actually make us believe we´ve become them) gonna make anything else better? is surving on one single phrase going to cut it? we already know shitty things will always come our way, i suck at math, but what i do know is the average of the better would win. i also know that every time i write or speak about murphy it seems like i dislike him, i actually don´t, i admire his dialectic.

a lot of people out there are or were afraid of turning into a good/"good" person, a good father, mother, husband, sister, brother, blank. the reality is that we all have to try harder. and if we at least try, i think it´ll be ok.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


i was looking forward to hearing this during their set, and i did... way better live.
stay tuned we´re hoping to bring them back soon.

exhibit c.

i kind of thought twice after my friend came up and asked, "do you want to host a band for sonorama?".. hmm not so sure i´d like to spend my birthday weekend "working". i thought about it for 5 min. and concluded that i should get out of my comfort zone... my friend asked which band i wanted to show mexico to (even though brief), i responded "prefuse 73"...
an ex introduced me to their music a couple of years back and i´d fallen for it, in some way it had opened my musical universe and parallel to that, soundtracked an important time during college.
i´m weak when it comes to nostalgia.

from meeting them, to getting a feel of each of their particular personalities, to the mezcal, félix, sonorama, to casa roma (newly named casa 73), cypress hill, pulque, to bday crew via insurgentes, repeat on jay electronica, coyoacan, some insane live music band, to more mezcal, to things just fitting.
and basically, really cool, extremely talented people doing what they love for a living, and doing it OH SO WELL.
"super no joke".

for you

a beautiful mine

i had no idea this was rj´s, as he began his set on saturday at sonorama it was pretty obvious, obviously.
a couple of us went for goodbye dinner on sunday night, he sat in front of me and i asked if he was into the show, we both agreed the dynamic had totally changed during season 4... that we had to wait and see if don´s shift from being oblivious was going to add an interesting punch. 5 will tell.

a part from that, conversation ranged from how to make homemade espresso, homemade synths, boardwalk empire, and how not to spend more than 5 hours in a car while you´re on tour.


Thursday, November 4, 2010


this is going to be INSANE.

ok, hoy me comentaron como van a estar los escenarios:


KORN headlineando para todos aquellos fans, tocará un set completo como de hora y media, dos aprox.









Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pretend the devil isn´t real

i can´t believe how good he is.
memory tapes tops my 2009, 2010 favorite list by far.

If we're talking in generalizations, two other artists that you might lump in with Neon Indian, Washed Out, and Toro Y Moi are Memory Tapes (a.k.a. Dayve Hawk) and Pictureplane (a.k.a. Travis Edegy), though these two probably stand furthest from the stylistic center of the batch. Hawk is the former frontman of indie-rock group Hail Social, but his solo material—which occasionally appears under the names Memory Cassette and Weird Tapes—is decidedly more enigmatic and introverted. His cut-and-paste style, which pulls from funk and dance-pop, is usually set over ambient haze and sounds best as internal, headphone music. On last year's Seek Magic, ambient soundscapes split time with New Orderisms, but the album mostly feels unattached to a particular genre.

an interesting article via xlr8r that breaks down the whole witchhouse, lo-fi, glo-fi subgenre and how different bands from all over emerged last year and coincidently coincided with a similar sound. attributing influences to boards of canada, "grandfather" ariel pink, and panda bear.

running out of you

i´d heard a couple of songs by keep shelly in athens a couple of months back, running out of you fits november 3rd´s mood. there´s not much to read about them even though they´ve been posted on a couple of pages, except that they are in fact from greece and they just realeased their first EP, in love with dusk..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

to catch a thief

after centuries (about a month) of not listening to any new anythings, sports came along and sparked my interest once more.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


amongst the loveliest people i´ve ever met...

i will admit, i made an absolute fool of myself... but the embarrassment was well worth it knowing she´s accompanied me into a land of despair, joy (trite, i know) and beautifulness...
but most of all beautifulness.

leslie, you deserve every good thing that´s waiting for you, and so but so much more.

next time, which i doubt there will be, i hope i can manage to act cooler.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


if a soundtrack to your most mind blowing daydream, best dream, and worst nightmare existed, air would be behind it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


surreal is what this week (year) could be described as. "if only i could make people as happy as i´m feeling right this instant" is what i thought to myself while arcade fire was in the middle of rebellion.

i guess as we grow, we start making up an almanac of memories filled with melodies, scents, songs, temperatures the wind has rolled against your skin, the type of light the sun gave off on certain days, special spots, streets, texts, tastes... this week was all about opening the almanac.

arcade fire, bachelorette party, airwaves, foals, interpol, and pixies later, sunday came and as i left my apartment to take a walk; the walk, the sky, the cold air, felt so familiar that it all made me smile.

we all have specific songs that produce a certain type of chemistry, somehow they become intertwined in our brain, or in our heart, or somewhere we can´t even name. all of a sudden you´re floating in the middle of a sea of people singing to the same song, same letters, different sounds, different feelings, but essentially same page in that invisible recollection of a place without time or space.

this week was rebellion, spanish sahara, la la love, and caribou.
i have to mention that i touched yannis philippakis shoulder as he was finishing the concert, all this happened after falling in love with his voice, his beard, and his ability to climb metal towers. i know, i´m embarrassing, it´s like a phenomenon, going to a concert or going to a festival, being collectivly anonymous, something coming alive that either transforms people into what they really are or what they would like to be.

this entry is a tribute to some of those songs and bands i´ve had the inmense priveledge to stand in front of.

la la love and caribou are tied.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

damn you

existentialism, or spirituality, or whatever this is.


love is the only phenomenon that destroys space, distance, and time.
love´s chemistry is waiting to be comprehended. physicists are occupied with space and time, and yet they still haven´t understood that there´s more to existence, where space and time disappear.
maybe science won´t be able to understand it. maybe it´s beyond sciences´ scope. but it isn´t far away from poetry or spirituality. it isn´t far away from meditation. it isn´t far away from each individual who is willing to dissolve itself in it.
science continues to be a distant eco, while love turns into the only reality.

one cannot prove love, one can only experiment it.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

observing ones mind

one: place your focus on the intervals.

second technique: before desire and before knowledge, how can i say "i am"?
consider it.
melt into beauty.

before desire and before knowledge how can i say "i am".
desire surges: with this desire, the sensation of "i am" arrises.
thought arrises: with each thought the sensation of "i am" comes forth...
before desire and before knowledge, there is no ego.

sit in silence.
a thought surges: you can identify yourself with this thought.
desire surges: you can identify with this desire.
during the process of identity, you become your ego.
so think, in these intervals, there is neither desire, nor knowledge, nor thought, suddenly identity turns into nihilism.
ego can´t surface.

buda used this technique and asked his followers to do one thing: when a thought arrises, perceive it. buda used to say that when thoughts come to our mind, we should just observe the awakening and process of this thought.

book of secrets num. 83

so of course there´s desire, and of course there´re millons of thoughts that pass every single millisecond through our head, all this means is that "ideas and thoughts are like clouds passing through the sky", and the spaces between the clouds are what should be real, or better said, what is real:

the substance that remains when we take the hazy mist away.

we are what we are, neither our matter nor our being was constructed by what we think, but what we will become.

Monday, September 20, 2010

absence of light

maximum balloon, new project by tvotr´s dave sitek with collaborations with david byrne, kyp malone, karen o, theophilus london, little dragon, etc. is this just a forshadowing of times to come when full albums will indicate feat. some small/big/medium band to show us -the audience- a bit of the creators musical taste? (this of course is my naïveté writing) it also may be expand on the bands said creator produces (yeah yeah yeahs, holly miranda, telepathe, liars, and the list goes on). and/or, i don´t think it really matters, because what he does he does, he does it oh so well.


Alvaro Obregon 293 Col Roma

Estas invitado a esta noche de Rockafellas “LadoB” con un invitado especial: Matt Tong de BLOC PARTY

Quien es MATT TONG?

Después de de haberse graduado en Londres en Tecnología Musical en la Thames Valley University conoce a Kele Okereke quien le preguntó a Matt si quería hacer una prueba para la banda (Kele, Gordy y Russell fueron muy específicos en lo que estaban buscando), 8 bateristas habían pasado ya por el arduo proceso de completar la alineación) Matt se sentó en la bateria, y lo que los otros tres hombres escucharon fue mágia: era el sonido que nunca pensaron que podría existir… de ahi surgió una química sólida.

Durante espectáculos en vivo, Matt es conocido por su precisión, habilidad y sus solos en la bateria. Un ventilador eléctrico a menudo proporciona algo de alivio para que no arda de forma espontánea como los numerosos bateristas del falso documental “This Is Spinal Tap”. Fuera del escenario puede que por su estatura alta tenga una presencia imponente, pero es conocido por su actitud alegre y sus bromas, socialmente así como musicalmente, Matt era la pieza que faltaba y que ahora fusiona firmemente los elementos de Bloc Party… no te lo pierdas esta noche selecta con este gran invitado que viene a compartirnos parte de su egoteca musical en los decks de El Imperial.


Rockets Team + Anna Stephens & Guests

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

holy other

WE OVER from HOLY OTHER on Vimeo.

my musical tastes seem to be looping lately, i´ve analyzed that my attraction to non-guitar music seems to come from a childhood of listening to classical and jazz, something i didn´t seem to be the least bit interested in, now i see it might have done me some sort of "good". love love love.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


to say, Yes, I lied, but consider my position, send three spiders in a matchbox. Rubies and juniper are apologies. Sign your name with blue ink if you want another chance, green for ambivalence, red if you´ve torn your mouth from its hinges. A bird´s nest warns that desire obeys only itself. Twine says shame. You love her, but you love yourself more? Wrap a magnet in newspaper. Abalone means We must resign ourselves to fate; paintbrushes There is much I cannot Understand. Cotton is astonishment. And if you know you must speak, but not how or where to begin? Amaryllis.

Joel Brouwer.

i stole this poem from a wall, and it appeared yesterday inside my bag. seemed adecuate.

sight, blindness & purpose

man is not by any means of fixed and enduring form (this, in spite of suspicions to the contrary on the part of their wise men, was the ideal of the ancients). he is much more an experiment and a transition. he is nothing else than the narrow and perilous bridge between nature and spirit. his innermost destiny drives him on to the spirit and to God. his innermost longing draws him back to nature, the mother. between the two forces his life hangs tremulous and irresolute. "man," whatever people think of him, is never anything more than a temporary bourgeois compromise.

that man is not yet a finished creation but rather a challenge of spirit; a distant possibility dreaded as much as it is desired.

as for the way of true manhood, the way to the immortals, he has, it is true, an inkling of it and starts upon it now and then for a few hesitating steps and pays for them with much suffering and many pangs of loneliness. but as for striving with assurance, in response to that supreme demand, towards the genuine manhood of the spirit, and going the one narrow way to immortality, he is deeply afraid of it. he knows too well that it leads to still greater sufferings, to proscription, to the last renunciation, perhaps to the scaffold, and even though the enticement of immortality lies at the journey´s end, he is still unwilling to suffer all these sufferings and to die all these deaths. though the goal of manhood is better known to him than to the bourgeois, still he shuts his eyes.

herman hesse.

Friday, August 20, 2010

i don´t

new one from balam acab, they´re hitting it perfectly.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

liquid love

shy child returns to mexico city to present their new album liquid love. this band has a special place in my memory because they were one of the first bands i met. i think this was back in 2007, first time they played d.f., we were invited backstage, ended up having an afterparty, and becoming friends. there´re a bunch of good, weird, amusing and somewhat comical stories attached to their shows.
can´t wait.

holy shit, THIS is embarassing but check it out. ahh the clueless days, i bet i´ll come back to these posts in a couple of years and say the same thing.

shy child & she´s a tease
se estarán regalando invitaciones a través de twitter en:
campo marte
24 agosto 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010


jdg sent this song over a year ago, i´d heard the original, but hadn´t heard of toro & moi. since exploring what seemed to be a new branch of lo-fi, jdg called it "glo-fi" (that description is a bit more pictoric), i was drawn into the whole movement, from chillwave, new-out, or hypnagogic pop, witch house, drag, and etc... even though these subgenres evidently come hand in hand with "sucky" recordings, it fascinated me because it had new texture, echoes, and hidden layers. no more polished anythings, but some dreamy reminisce of an etheric landscape.

i discovered how to dress well a couple of months back, and as he´s put out more releases, i can easily say it´s part of my 2010 favorites. (debut LP out in september.)
"ready for the world" is a perfect example why i like them so much, twin sister, another 2010 favorite, remixes this song, but it´s not on youtube.. i´ll leave another in the meantime.

awesome mj sample, if i knew how to remix i´d make this a dance song.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


gary pimiento co-creator with matías aguayo of BumBumBox parties and record label Cómeme, arrives in mexico for a night with los cocos, pairing with rebolledo for a more than excellent auditve experience.
mezcal spiked coconuts and umbrellas themed the party.

refreshing to see a dj actually play vinyls, pre-party we were with one of the djs that was also going to play. three out of ten in the room were djs, one actually made his living out of it (and i still consider him one of the best in mexico), there was also a producer (he was the most pissed off) and told the story of how when he lived in london he´d met the guy who had composed, written, whatever (i really don´t know how that works in dj land) the song that made paul van dyk explode, he was like, "fuck all these hipsters that want to make a living out of djing", "playing an ipod isn´t djing", then the dj came in and said, "well carrying vinyls is a mess sometimes and 90% of the times, places aren´t even equipped to play vinyls", objective point of view d.r.. then producer responded "it´s ok just as long as you actually know how to mix a vinyl", fair enough i thought. d.r. went on commenting, how this 16 year old boy came up to him and asked, "where can i go to dj school". awesome... i bet at the rate we´re going, in 20 years (even 10) it will be a legitimate career, just like fashion.

fashion and music i thought, i told d.r. we should open a fashion and djing school together, we´d make millions.

Friday, August 13, 2010


i´ve been meaning to share this for a while, today it came back. better with headphones, always.

o soundtrack my heart

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010


i was in dallas about a month or two ago, one of the highlights of this trip happened to be at an art expo. called "coastlines", it´s going on at the dallas museum of art until august 22. at the time, i wasn´t really sure why i was so enveloped in all of those images and sounds, today, after a week of being near the ocean, everything makes a lot more sense.
when i saw it, i was wrapped up in the whole theory and poetry of the sea, and of course it´s all theory and poetry, because a representation of the ocean, coastline, whatever, isn´t in real reality a ocean, coastline, or whatever.
i wrote a couple of things down that until recently sunk in.

i need the ocean to teach me whatever it is i learn, music or consciousness, the single wave in the sea, the abyss of my being, the gutteral rasp of my voice, or the blazing presumption of fishes & navies- so much is certain; even in sleep, as if by the trick of a magnet, i spin on the circle of the wave upon wave of the sea, the seas university.
pablo neruda.

so it was, i stood in front of paintings, photographs, and drawings, i was seized by four photographs by hiroshi sugimoto, they were so abstract but so profund, it hit me like yves klein´s blue at the moma. i tend to be strangely drawn to overly abstract paintings/whatevers, especially monochrome ones, so sugimoto´s photographs were no exception, it was a series of four, each depicting a horizon, apparently it was the same horizon, the only thing that shifted from photo to photo was the exposure, the first was a whitish grey and the last one was almost black, but you always managed to see the horizon no matter how it had been exposed. i must have stood there for about an hour immersed in the infinity of this horizon. to add on to this absorbing experience, the curators at the DMA decided to collaborate with students to make this an auditory experience, so the sound of waves dripped through each hall, transporting the spectator to this imaginary coastline.

with my trip to the beach, i understood that the sound a wave makes is coming from infinity, never stopping, never tiring, always moving, and now i see with more accuracy what i told elsa when i was five, "te quiero como las olas del mar".

Thursday, July 22, 2010

warm up!

my itunes bumped into this gem on shuffle, can´t stop dancing to it. it´s bliss when something magically possesses your itunes shuffle and reads the exact mood you´re in.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sin fi (n) sico sonido

(read letters in size 16 as a poem to: _______________ )
(michell halley)

Inhabits, before predation,
the madness of a perpetual sunrise:
Lives before space, from beginning,
where start and finish,
aren´t more than juxtaposed masks between the imaginary and reality.
What would be of solitary space, without a container,
ante saecula
where time is time without name
and the new
what differs from habit.

What is being in idea, but an infinite absolute that discovers,
(the empty mirror)
as the only creative possibility.

Weft, plot,
Being before the first breath (where everything makes sense).
They´ve said of air,
the same as origin,
one never knows where it begins
(one never knows where it begins) squared.
Ignores, like the sky,
the distressed sound emitted by time.
that´s why perfect maintains,
the non physical oscillating in a continous melodic movement,
undulating eternally,
like sound,
delaying time in a without something,
in the nihilistic field where everything coexists,
where no one claims connection
living expended on unknowing in all instance
and once in a while,
returning our eyes into the forgotten...

by dea arjona

this poem was written for me about a year ago by one of my best friends, i had to translate it today for some work i was doing, and hadn´t read it again since then, it stirred something in me i´m still trying to figure out. the answer is right around the corner i believe.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"a beautiful sunset that was mistaken for dawn."

All people come to music to seek oblivion.

The music I desire must be supple enough to adapt itself to the lyrical effusions of the soul and the fantasy of dreams.

I confess that I am no longer thinking in musical terms, or at least not much, even though I believe with all my heart that Music remains for all time the finest means of expression we have. It’s just that I find the actual pieces — whether they’re old or modern, which is in any case merely a matter of dates — so totally poverty-stricken, manifesting an inability to see beyond the work table. They smell of the lamp, not of the sun. And then, overshadowing everything, there’s the desire to amaze one’s colleagues with arresting harmonies, quite unnecessary for the most part. In short, these days especially, music is devoid of emotional impact. I feel that, without descending to the level of the gossip column or the novel, it should be possible to solve the problem somehow. There’s no need either for music to make people think! ... It would be enough if music could make people listen, despite themselves and despite their petty mundane troubles, and never mind if they’re incapable of expressing anything resembling an opinion. It would be enough if they could no longer recognize their own grey, dull faces, if they felt that for a moment they had been dreaming of an imaginary country, that’s to say, one that can’t be found on the map.

How much has to be explored and discarded before reaching the naked flesh of feeling?

music is the space between the notes.

claude debussy.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ready to start

i can hardly take all this anticipation lingering around the new arcade fire album, in the meantime i´ve had a couple of songs to keep me company. win butler does seem to want to weave this fiber of not wanting to look back, but at the same time, nostalgia, sadness, and anger inevitably leak through.

one of the favorites.

interview with ken miller

interview with ken miller i mentioned a couple of posts back, now on MODO.

Monday, July 12, 2010

solitude is bliss

if the non-stop rain our city has given us over the past couple of days makes a little room for sun, this is what summer would sound like.

canyons via tortoiseshell.

pre-sunshine bonus. 4:22, just enough for the clouds to pass by.

it´s official, i´m moving to australia.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


third eye blind was one of those bands that changed my life. 97´ blasting "loosing a whole year" while my parents were getting divorced. of course i had no clue exactly what they were singing about, or what i was singing along to, but it felt good. this also happened to be the first time i fell in love, it was love at first sight and love to mend my broken heart. he had long hair, wore vans, he kissed me and the world dissolved. he gave me a necklace that i clutched tight every night. he moved to canada, i moved to cuernavaca, and i never saw him again.

third eye blind soundtracked.

Monday, July 5, 2010


i find it odd how certain things seem to fall back into ones hands sometimes. hermann
hesse´s, "the glass bead game" is one of those things... every letter i´ve read and reread has given me some sort of directing hint into this game of unending search for "meaning", "identity", & "truth"... if we could call these such.

below some excerpts/

The game as I conceive it," Knecht once wrote, "leaves (the player) with the feeling that he has extracted from the universe of accident and confusion a totally symmetrical and harmonious cosmos, and absorbed it into himself."

"If only there were a dogma to believe in. Everything is contradictary, everything tangential; there are no certainties anywhere. Everything can be interpreted one way and then again interpreted in the opposite sense. The whole of history can be explained as development and progress and can also be seen as nothing but decadence and meaninglessness. Isn't there any truth? Is there no real and valid doctrine?"
The Master had never heard him speak so fervently. He walked on in silence for a little, then said, "There is truth, my boy. But the doctrine you desire, absolute, perfect dogma that alone provides wisdom, does not exist. Nor should you long for a perfect doctrine, my friend. Rather, you should long for the perfection of yourself. The deity is within you, not in ideas and books. Truth is lived, not taught. Be prepared for conflicts, Joseph Knecht — I can see they have already begun."

Granted there are those among us who are too easily satisfied, who enjoy a sham serenity; but in contrast to them we also have men and generations of men whose serenity is not playful shallowness, but earnest depth. I knew one such man -- I mean our former Music Master, whom you used to see in Waldzell now and then. In the last years of his life this man possessed the virtue of serenity to such a degree that it radiated from him like the light from a star; so much that it was transmitted to all in the form of benevolence, enjoyment of life, good humor, trust, and confidence. It continued to radiate outward from all who received it, all who had absorbed its brightness. His light shone upon me also; he transmitted to me a little of his radiance, a little of the brightness in his heart, and to our friend Ferromonte as well, and a good many others. To achieve this cheerful serenity is to me, and to many others, the finest and highest of goals. You will also find it among some of the patriarchs in the directorate of the Order. Such cheerfulness is neither frivolity nor complacency; it is supreme insight and love, affirmation of all reality, alertness on the brink of all depths and abysses; it is a virtue of saints and of knights; it is indestructible and only increases with age and nearness to death. It is the secret of beauty and the real substance of all art. The poet who praises the splendors and terrors of life in the dance-measures of his verse, the musician who sounds them in a pure, eternal present -- these are bringers of light, increasers of joy and brightness on earth, even if they lead us first through tears and stress. Perhaps the poet whose verses gladden us was a sad solitary, and the musician a melancholic dreamer; but even so their work shares in the cheerful serenity of the gods and the stars. What they give us is no longer their darkness, their suffering or fears, but a drop of pure light, eternal cheerfulness. Even though whole peoples and languages have attempted to fathom the depths of the universe in myths, cosmogonies, and religions, their supreme, their ultimate attainment has been this cheerfulness.

More and more, during this period of slow breaking loose and bidding farewell, he came to see the real reason for his alienation and desire to escape. It was probably not, he thought, his knowledge of the dangers to Castalia and his anxiety about her future, but simply that a hitherto idle and empty part of his self, of his heart and soul, was now demanding the right to fulfill itself.

... had he not considered his own special kind of perception -- that way of experiencing reality which he called "awakening" -- as a slow, step-by-step penetration into the heart of the universe, into the core of truth; as something in itself absolute, a continuous path or progression which nevertheless had to be achieved gradually...

Thus his path had been a circle, or an ellipse or spiral or whatever, but certainly not straight; straight lines evidently belonged only to geometry, not to nature and life.

"Awakening," it seemed, was not so much concerned with truth and cognition, but with experiencing and proving oneself in the real world. When you had such an awakening, you did not penetrate any closer to the core of things, to truth; you grasped, accomplished, or endured only the attitude of your own ego to the momentary situation. You did not find laws, but came to decisions; you did not thrust your way into the center of the world, but into the center of your own individuality.

What gives these experiences their weight and persuasiveness is not their truth, their sublime origin, their divinity or anything of the sort, but their reality. They are tremendously real, somewhat the way a violent physical pain or a surprising natural event, a storm or earthquake, seem to us charged with an entirely different sort of reality, presence, inexorability, from ordinary times and conditions. The gust of wind that precedes a thunderstorm, sending us into the house and almost wrenching the front door away from our hand -- or a bad toothache which seems to concentrate all the tensions, sufferings, and conflicts of the world in our jaw -- these are such realities. Later on we may start to question them or examine their significance, if that is our bent; but at the moment they happen they admit no doubts and are brimful of reality. My 'awakening' has a similar kind of intensified reality for me. That is why I have given it this name; at such times I really feel as if I had lain asleep or half asleep for a long time, but am now awake and clearheaded and receptive in a way I never am ordinarily.

My life, I resolved, ought to be a perpetual transcending, a progression from stage to stage; I wanted it to pass through one area after the next, leaving each behind, as music moves on from theme to theme, from tempo to tempo, playing each out to the end, completing each and leaving it behind, never tiring, never sleeping, forever wakeful, forever in the present. In connection with the experiences of awakening, I had noticed that such stages and such areas exist, and that each successive period in one's life bears within itself, as it is approaching its end, a note of fading and eagerness for death. That in turn leads to a shifting to a new area, to awakening and new beginnings.

Friday, July 2, 2010


post en honor a memo ya que la sesión e intercambio de ayer estuvo muy muy bueno.

mi nueva banda favorita. gracias.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I draw, but my drawing fades

i find it romantic, melancholic, and beautifully tragic, how this is another example of life foreshadowing itself.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Islam and the Spiritual Malaise of the Oil Spill

i had dinner with 7 friends wednesday night, a likely topic of conversation was the oil spill, and how all 8 of us felt helpless in the matter.
this article via the huffington post, may fall in a somewhat extreme spiritual viewpoint, but at this point, how can anyone not feel that we are obliterating our surrounding (intentionally or unintentionally) and the beauty of the clichéd idea that the best things in life don´t cost, and not want to write vehemently about them?......

I realized how this violation of nature not only speaks volumes about our society's values but also reflects a spiritual crisis.

Yet, we continue to abuse the Earth, and I wonder to what extent our actions echo our culpability.

Representative Don Young, R-Alaska, told USA Today that the oil spill, "is not an environmental disaster, and I will say that again and again because it is a natural phenomenon...We will lose some birds, we will lose some fixed sea life, but overall it will recover." Young is underestimating the damaging repercussions from the incident, minimizing it as a random occurrence of nature when in actuality the spill is destroying an ecosystem. This same sentiment would write off the Bhopal gas leak in 1984 as a natural phenomenon, and the 15,000 people killed as collateral damage.

These approaches include contemplating how the spaces we inhabit affect the psyche. The more integrated we feel within, the greater peace we experience. The more selflessness we practice, the more likely we are to take care of the world outside of our heads. By starting within and then moving outward, our actions have the potential of being well-intentioned and less self-serving. This approach might have helped BP, Warren Anderson and many others make decisions that didn't kill people and destroy the environment.

It all comes down to choice. Will we opt to feel connected and whole with the world around us? Or will we select a path void of thought, reflection and spirituality? If we don't shed greed and apathy, not only is the Earth at stake but so is our well-being.

fragments of article taken from huffington post, read whole article here.

i won´t lie, i´ve done little for the environment, but the current state the world is in, it makes me rethink my role and how this role does affect others in the process.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"plenty of time"

hmmm... "embracing the life you never planned on?"

a friend sent me this soundtrack today. i hadn´t heard about the movie so i checked out the trailer. jm then went on to telling me he had a near death experience on tuesday, that of course got him thinking about life and where he was heading. thank god he´s in one piece, even if his bike is dust (this was what he complained about, fucking up his bike)...
the first thing i asked was if he was in one piece.

jm. you made my day, so happy to still have you around.


have you ever just wanted not to think about anything?
that´s how i´ve been feeling today, even though i shouldn´t... stupid, picky client has been on my case since monday.
so, even though i should be concentrating, i´ve decided to inundate my head with music.

needless to say, the illustration below creeps the hell out of me.

and weezer just because when i started listening to them, i had a huggee crush on rivers cuomo, my friends at the time would have never understood... i never said anything.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

you and i

seems like this was just what i needed for hot afternoons/not being able to concentrate on work, in mexico city.
top post, washed out.

Monday, June 7, 2010

never for ever

retrospect on kate bush´s music, style, and career via pitchfork for a week only.
para ustedes babooshkas.
voy a buscar ese video de dea y mer, magic.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


to quote balam acab´s myspace...
sounds like: fear, nostalgia, bliss, sadness, euphoria, beauty, peace, dreams, loneliness, longing, i want you to get lost...

a lot of people would argue if this is even real music at all; all samples, purely synthetic, vocals layered and distorted way way way in the back... for some reason i can´t seem to get enough. maybe it´s because since time of motor coordination a computer has been strategically placed underneath my fingers and the sounds just seem "natural".

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


today my headphones sound like this, reminds me of a friend that introduced me to dub-step.

speaking of dp... postopolis! a project he´s worked on as independent curator and producer alongside Storefront For Art and Architecture, Domus, Tomo and El Eco museum, will be coming to mexico from june 8-12th, d.f will host the third edition, a public five-day session of near-continuous conversation curated by some of the world's most prominent bloggers from the fields of architecture, art, urbanism, landscape, music and design...
read more here.

Monday, May 31, 2010


new project i´ve been collaborating for is finally UP!
as supplement of excelsior newspaper, TOMO focuses on art, architecture & design.
new section called MODO is all about fashion.
i´ll be focusing mostly on the link between art and fashion.

my interview with mexican fashion geniuses TRISTA here.

interview i had with ken miller, writer of SHOOT and former editor in chief of tokion. we spoke about art, fashion, photography, and if he thought the ephemeral was tragic or beautiful....
check out his interview for interview magazine where he talks a bit more about SHOOT.

SHOOT travelled to mexico at the beginning of the year and hung on the walls of yautepec gallery.
thanks to brett schultz & daniela elbahara of yautepec for hooking me up with ken.

Friday, May 28, 2010

indie music awards

my best friend, singer of disco ruido!, was nominated for song of the year, mrs. love, at this years indie music awards, held in el teatro de la ciudad. the event was ok slash border line boring, the only thing that made it worth it was ims (instituto mexicano del sonido), adanowsky, and ely guerra(goddddesssss) concentrating talents at the end.

i am now going to post the conversation mercedes and i had:

mh. ahhhhhhh jajajajaja queen of the indies
mer. jajajaja. me dicen la guayaba
mh. whatt?
mer. jajajaja
mh. la banda no naca, la que estan a lado de estos dudes son los gueyes que acamparon en mi sala
mer. jajajaja
mh. no entiendo nada.
mer. jajaja la crema de la crema indie... amonoooos
mh. amonnnnoossss
mer. vivieron en tú casa.
mh. siii, en el piso, pobres.
mer. cheap castle
mh. los 60 tigres.
mer. jaajajaja. queeeee
mh. queeeeeee
mer. jajajaja. estoy en última fila
mh. no mames el teatro
mer. plis no quiero ganar.
mh jajaja te amo
mer. que eeesss essssttooo.
mh. ya seeeee
obvio me gustó el teto de rojo, pero obvio ya se me quitó con el nombre de su banda.
jajajaja. uffffff.
mer. jajajajajaa. obvio tú novio.
mh. jajajaja ya me apagó durísimo. me recordó a fer.
mer. síiii ehhh.
mh. ya sabes que mi gusto de tetos no falla.
buuu. you got your wish
mer. yeiiiii
mh. my vibes didn´t work... fuckkkk. jajaja
mer. ya vamoonoss
mh. ya va a terminar, toca el ims.
mer. despuesito nos vamos
mh. va

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

small talk

if i could describe one of the things i hate the most, i´d have to say small talk. it´s like my automatic off button.
whenever i eat at the office i have to sit through 15 to 45 minutes (which seem the longest of my life) of girls going on about some lame ass store, a bad movie, gael garcia´s recent interpretation in "letters to juliet", some mexican actor slash model (all/most suck in all sense of the word suck) being suchhhh a hottie, a party, soccer, how muchhhhh work they have to go back to, boss complaints, their daughters/sons getting bad grades, david guetta, hello kitty, the blind side/avatar, and to top it off, a piece of info. i wasn´t aware of: integration days. bowling, gotcha and god knows what else twice a year to promote friendly relationships in the office, i had to smile and say "so fun", maybe my performance wasn´t believable... i felt like such a hypocrite.

when i´m stuck here, i find myself in utter silence nodding and wanting to poke my eyes out with a stick.. half a second of insecurity peaks through and i think to myself, "these people must think i´m weird, or snobby, or stupid and have nothing interesting to say".. but then my common sense kicks back in and i realize i really don´t care. get up and smoke a cigarette.

such a hater, i know...
and don´t get me wrong... i´m not looking for some super profound, life awakening chat, just something that goes a little bit further than the mundane.

how the light gets in.

The acclaimed artist and philosopher Hilary Lawson is curator of both the groundbreaking Open Gallery (which specialises in what he calls ‘video painting’), and the ever-more popular philosophy festival How The Light Gets In. The festival begins tomorrow in Hay-On-Wye and features talks from the illustrious likes of Philip Pullman, Roger Penrose and Bonnie Greer, who will all be taking questions from the floor about everything from the evolution of conciousness to the genesis of the creative imagination. On the first day of summer, I had a chat with the eminent thinker about tapping into the openness of the universe, creating a new kind of art experience and curating a festival of radical ideas...

Dazed Digital: Do you think there is a growing interest in philosophy?
Hilary Lawson: I think that there is, and that’s because lots of the old certainties that came from religion and science have been shaken. There is an enormous amount of change that is taking place right now and we are at risk of thinking we understand more than we do, and at risk of not appreciating what we don’t understand. The function of philosophy is just to allow us to view all the options that are there for us, and help us consider how we might be able to deal with the circumstances in which we find ourselves. The festival is really an opportunity to get philosophy out of the academy and into people’s lives.

Dazed Digital: How much do you think our modern circumstances could be a product of the creative imagination? Could a novel such as Brave New World, for example, be a self-fulfilling prophecy?
Hilary Lawson: I think they could massively be a product of the imagination. Personally, I think the world is open and that we close it with our stories and narratives. Those closures are ways in which we understand the world and they enable us to create and to do things in the world, but they are not the truth. If we imagine a new narrative or a new closure then that gives us the potential to create something that we didn’t have before, but it also constrains us in that in gets us to think in certain ways. In a way, we find ourselves always on the cusp of openness and closure in life – we want enough openness to see what the potential is but we also want some good narratives to fall back on to help us navigate this strange space that is being alive.

Dazed Digital: Is this openness something you strive to achieve in the video paintings at Open Gallery?
Hilary Lawson: The video paintings are certainly influenced by the Fluxus notion of the passing moment and avoiding trying to hold something permanently. They are an attempt to get back to human experience and away from the conceptualization of a lot of contemporary art. What we are trying to do is put the viewer in an environment where they have to allow themselves to become lost in the space. When you go to the seashore, for example, and look out to sea, you get lost in the way the waves are breaking and the shadows are falling – you could be there for a lifetime and it would never be the same, yet it would have its own very specific character. The video paintings are trying to pull us back to that experience.

read full interview here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

mega mega

i have no clue why i just had this flashback to the 90s, my sisters stoned boyfriend, and her blue highlights.


arcade fire!

stupid marketing techniques, here´s like a second of two of their new songs.
the clips don´t really suprise me, but they do thrill the hell out of me...

raise your hand if you think they´ll play mexico... doubtful.
well, i´ll pray every night anyway.

forever´s not so long

i always thought being alone was amazing, since a really young age, i criticized certain family members and friends for not knowing how to be alone, i never understood how someone could be so unfulfilled that they needed another human being to reassess their persona. twenty four years later this still isn´t fully clear, but i´m not so hard on anyone anymore, not even myself... how the fuck could i have the authority to judge what another person needs? and am i so blind that do i really think i don´t need anyone?

again, the endless philosophical inquiry... if a tree falls in the woods, and nobody sees it, does it really fall?

maybe that´s why this short made me almost cry.

maybe that´s life, the abstraction of a couple of mayor events and intersections with people, that will all lead to your inevitable death.

i don´t think it´s tragic at all, quite the opposite, i think it´s beautiful.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

office of blame

i blame: the internet

for: misinformation

my role: look harder

office of blame.

Friday, May 7, 2010


losttt in these visuals and this score by fedaden.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


treasure hunting has resulted effective today.
aesthetics wise, this is everything i look for in a video and in a song... at least if the mood is right.
annddd it matches my new blog.


today is election day in the uk. rhymed.

visit BILLbored

i thought this site to be encouraging. due to the situation our country is living at the current moment; loss of hope, motivation, and inspiration, insecurity; all cultivated through years and years of unfulfilled promises by our supposed leaders, we are in desperate need of a change.
i know nothing of politics or have bothered with knowing, due to lack of faith... the only thing i do know is that mexico needs new direction.. it's coming, i wonder where it'll lead us, hopefully, and i know there´s a longgg way to go, some recovered spot.

BILLbored´s manifesto:
is a viral art initiative aiming to empower people. The political parties aren't inspiring us. So we will have to inspire ourselves. No one is telling us what we want. We're not saying we have the answer. But we know what we don't want. We don't want this.
Born out of an anti-establishment desire to grab a paintbrush, smear the smear and take control; Billbored is about putting the spotlight back on you - and wants you to speak out.

Project#1 offers you the opportunity to design a billboard showing your vision for change in response to the UK General Elections. We have seen what the parties have had to say, and frankly, we are bored of it. With a politically none biased viewpoint, Billbored is voting for change.

Government are supposed to represent us, the people. We are re-wiring politics. Forget Whitehall. Forget corruption. Forget middle class baby boomers. Billboard is about youth, creativity and liberation. It is about time that we all made it clear what we want, instead of being enchanted by false promises.

In a call to action, we now want to see what you have to say. We are offering you the opportunity to express yourself about something that is ultimately going to affect us all, without being party specific or biased towards your vote.

Throughout Election Week, submitted designs will be made visible across London, with thanks to the support from Diesel UK and Red Bull who have helped in fueling our campaign. By using industrial projectors, we will broadcast your billboard design onto the front of buildings, ensuring that everyone in the city can view your vision for change.


after a not so awesome start to one of my favorite days.... thanks stupid clio and miguel for crashing into me, i found this via a friend who was sending a morning song... scrolled down so this could make my day.

if you thought grizzly bear´s foreground couldn´t produce more chills all over your body and eno´s canon in d major couldn´t space you out more... you have to try this:

i´m doing it again.

tip. start foreground before canon in d major.

phoenix, i love you, and your hype is so, but so, very well deserved.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

make up

and now that we´re going down this path, this video is more than relevant. just this flashes back, way back to 2000... and the finding yourself part of this whole party... my semi-seriousness is making me laugh.


all i can say is finally.
i was finally able to bring myself to take down my i´ll be your mirror title image.. i loved it at a certain point and credit to dea for helping me put it together, but that was about two years ago i think, i no longer felt it went with what this blog turned in to... seems like ages, now i understand why all of a sudden i was in the mood for midnight juggernauts and polyrock... spontaneous flashback.

trying to keep it simple, or simpler at least, i remember when i opened this blog, my friend mercedes and my motto was "more is more¨.. too much information me? dammnnn. overeager twenty year old who´d accidentally tripped and stepped into a whole lot of things..

in loving memory of
fat person in speedo diving into "sometimes i think, sometimes i don´t"
smiling plastic seal (aka kikone la foca)
"what are you looking at?"
illustrated jellyfish...

r.i.p., you will be missed.

this blogs´ anniversary was in april, guess april is just catching up. three years doesn´t seem like a lot, but in internet time and in blog posts (689 posts to be precise), equals an eternity.
feels like we´ve come a long way.. who knows?...
maybe we´ve stayed the same.

thank you blogger for being my shrink.

nine lives

flashback to 2007
video not great, song makes me wanna dance.... every single time.


Friday, April 30, 2010

father nature

Some kind of nature
Some kind of soul
Some kind of mixture
Some kind of gold
Some kind of majesty
Some chemical load

Some kind of metal made up from glue
Some kind of plastic I could wrap around you
They need the eat, and they-they wear phony clothes

Some kind of nature
Some kind of soul
Some kind of mixture
Some kind of gold
Some kind of majesty
Some chemical load

Well near thy plastics
And digital foils
Could wrap up the sun
And protect the girls
From the spiritual poisons
You spill at night
Like phony clothes, but
I really like my-

Some kind of nature (some kind of nature, some kind of soul)
Comes from one within us
Oh, Lord, forgive me (some kind of mixture, some kind of gold)
It's got to come and find us
All we are is dust

Some kind of metal made up from glue
Some kind of plastic I could wrap around you
They need the eat, and they-they wear phony clothes

Some kind of nature (some kind of nature, some kind of soul)
Comes from one within us
Oh, Lord, forgive me (some kind of mixture, some kind of gold)
It's got to come and find us
All we are is dust

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i´m the ghost

for reasons beyond my conscious understanding, foals and their new album have been hitting a nerve in both body and brain.
i´ve been unintentionally bumping into their songs, they´ve made me sigh and close my eyes more than twice.

maybe it´s the evident heartbreak one of these dudes lived, slow build up, fast come down, the frontman´s beard... who knows? for more reasons than i can actually put my finger on, there´s something making me want to listen to more of them... we´ll listen to the rest soon.

for now:

spanish sahara: hints on 3.17, ignites on 4.14....
and black gold holds steady pace and characteristic sound that defined foals with their first album.
that and the haunting background guitar at the beginning, making an appearance during the chorus, hitting that catchy break on minute 2.43
black gold isn´t on you tube, listen to it here or download at the link.

the photography of this video is amazing.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

lunch break

it's time you know i've been working at an agency as a coolhunter, "coolhunter" is a ridiculous title, i know.. sounds too forced and not so spontaneous right? oh well, the price of "independence".
today i had the best lunch break i've had since coming here.
i'm usually the antisocial type that spends most of her time glued to her headphones, avoids small talk, fake laughter, and hardly comments on office ruckus. sounds like i'm the worst, well i think it's better this way.. i do what i have to do, have maybe two, three "friends", and that's about it.
my favorite parts about working here are 1. don leo, the security guard who's the sweetest most awesome human being, he gives me my daily dosage of hugs (weird right?) yesterday he told me i looked like belinda, a mexican pop singer, which is really nice of him, but i don't really think that´s the case and 2. the cafeteria/the people who work on the bottom floor.
when i don't have time or the mood (usually), i order a sandwich or salad from this cafeteria.. today was that type of day, i headed downstairs, where trinidad (trinity) usually takes my order, trinidad is a man, i got such an internal laugh today because i always ask for tons of lemon with my food, so he comes up to me and says, "lemon is good for your health michell, and goes on to saying the last time he went to the veterinary, the veterinary asked him if he consumed lemon, trinidad said "sí", and the vet goes on to say, "so that's why you're so healthy", i was about to correct him, but i thought it would have been too embarrassing, i found it endearing, trinidad is also a good mood stop in my routine.
next comes this 17 year old kid, who also works there, once i asked his name, but it was way too complicated, so i forgot. he builds up the nerve and as i'm sitting on the stool waiting, he asks me "what type of music are you into?", i say "synth pop (right bees) mostly european and american, i " just can't get enough""... he's like "oh that's cool"... so i go on to ask him what he's into, and he's "reggae", (my mind thought "of course").. he asks, "do you know reggae?" and i'm like, "yeah, i'm not really into it, but the wailers are cool", and he's like, "yeahhhh, bob marley is the bestttt"... stereotype.
so then i ask, "why'd you ask?", he's like, "welllll, you dress different than other people." and the next thing that pops into my mind is MUSIC IS SO FUCKING AMAZING. i mean, the way i dress probably has nothing to do with the fact that i'm into synth pop, but it struck some chord in this kid to ask...

and the other semi-awesome part about this lunch break is that i've been getting cigarette highs with the one cigarette i smoke after lunch, almost fainted while going up the stairs, that part wasn't so cool.