Friday, August 20, 2010

i don´t

new one from balam acab, they´re hitting it perfectly.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

liquid love

shy child returns to mexico city to present their new album liquid love. this band has a special place in my memory because they were one of the first bands i met. i think this was back in 2007, first time they played d.f., we were invited backstage, ended up having an afterparty, and becoming friends. there´re a bunch of good, weird, amusing and somewhat comical stories attached to their shows.
can´t wait.

holy shit, THIS is embarassing but check it out. ahh the clueless days, i bet i´ll come back to these posts in a couple of years and say the same thing.

shy child & she´s a tease
se estarán regalando invitaciones a través de twitter en:
campo marte
24 agosto 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010


jdg sent this song over a year ago, i´d heard the original, but hadn´t heard of toro & moi. since exploring what seemed to be a new branch of lo-fi, jdg called it "glo-fi" (that description is a bit more pictoric), i was drawn into the whole movement, from chillwave, new-out, or hypnagogic pop, witch house, drag, and etc... even though these subgenres evidently come hand in hand with "sucky" recordings, it fascinated me because it had new texture, echoes, and hidden layers. no more polished anythings, but some dreamy reminisce of an etheric landscape.

i discovered how to dress well a couple of months back, and as he´s put out more releases, i can easily say it´s part of my 2010 favorites. (debut LP out in september.)
"ready for the world" is a perfect example why i like them so much, twin sister, another 2010 favorite, remixes this song, but it´s not on youtube.. i´ll leave another in the meantime.

awesome mj sample, if i knew how to remix i´d make this a dance song.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


gary pimiento co-creator with matías aguayo of BumBumBox parties and record label Cómeme, arrives in mexico for a night with los cocos, pairing with rebolledo for a more than excellent auditve experience.
mezcal spiked coconuts and umbrellas themed the party.

refreshing to see a dj actually play vinyls, pre-party we were with one of the djs that was also going to play. three out of ten in the room were djs, one actually made his living out of it (and i still consider him one of the best in mexico), there was also a producer (he was the most pissed off) and told the story of how when he lived in london he´d met the guy who had composed, written, whatever (i really don´t know how that works in dj land) the song that made paul van dyk explode, he was like, "fuck all these hipsters that want to make a living out of djing", "playing an ipod isn´t djing", then the dj came in and said, "well carrying vinyls is a mess sometimes and 90% of the times, places aren´t even equipped to play vinyls", objective point of view d.r.. then producer responded "it´s ok just as long as you actually know how to mix a vinyl", fair enough i thought. d.r. went on commenting, how this 16 year old boy came up to him and asked, "where can i go to dj school". awesome... i bet at the rate we´re going, in 20 years (even 10) it will be a legitimate career, just like fashion.

fashion and music i thought, i told d.r. we should open a fashion and djing school together, we´d make millions.

Friday, August 13, 2010


i´ve been meaning to share this for a while, today it came back. better with headphones, always.

o soundtrack my heart

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010


i was in dallas about a month or two ago, one of the highlights of this trip happened to be at an art expo. called "coastlines", it´s going on at the dallas museum of art until august 22. at the time, i wasn´t really sure why i was so enveloped in all of those images and sounds, today, after a week of being near the ocean, everything makes a lot more sense.
when i saw it, i was wrapped up in the whole theory and poetry of the sea, and of course it´s all theory and poetry, because a representation of the ocean, coastline, whatever, isn´t in real reality a ocean, coastline, or whatever.
i wrote a couple of things down that until recently sunk in.

i need the ocean to teach me whatever it is i learn, music or consciousness, the single wave in the sea, the abyss of my being, the gutteral rasp of my voice, or the blazing presumption of fishes & navies- so much is certain; even in sleep, as if by the trick of a magnet, i spin on the circle of the wave upon wave of the sea, the seas university.
pablo neruda.

so it was, i stood in front of paintings, photographs, and drawings, i was seized by four photographs by hiroshi sugimoto, they were so abstract but so profund, it hit me like yves klein´s blue at the moma. i tend to be strangely drawn to overly abstract paintings/whatevers, especially monochrome ones, so sugimoto´s photographs were no exception, it was a series of four, each depicting a horizon, apparently it was the same horizon, the only thing that shifted from photo to photo was the exposure, the first was a whitish grey and the last one was almost black, but you always managed to see the horizon no matter how it had been exposed. i must have stood there for about an hour immersed in the infinity of this horizon. to add on to this absorbing experience, the curators at the DMA decided to collaborate with students to make this an auditory experience, so the sound of waves dripped through each hall, transporting the spectator to this imaginary coastline.

with my trip to the beach, i understood that the sound a wave makes is coming from infinity, never stopping, never tiring, always moving, and now i see with more accuracy what i told elsa when i was five, "te quiero como las olas del mar".