Monday, May 31, 2010


new project i´ve been collaborating for is finally UP!
as supplement of excelsior newspaper, TOMO focuses on art, architecture & design.
new section called MODO is all about fashion.
i´ll be focusing mostly on the link between art and fashion.

my interview with mexican fashion geniuses TRISTA here.

interview i had with ken miller, writer of SHOOT and former editor in chief of tokion. we spoke about art, fashion, photography, and if he thought the ephemeral was tragic or beautiful....
check out his interview for interview magazine where he talks a bit more about SHOOT.

SHOOT travelled to mexico at the beginning of the year and hung on the walls of yautepec gallery.
thanks to brett schultz & daniela elbahara of yautepec for hooking me up with ken.

Friday, May 28, 2010

indie music awards

my best friend, singer of disco ruido!, was nominated for song of the year, mrs. love, at this years indie music awards, held in el teatro de la ciudad. the event was ok slash border line boring, the only thing that made it worth it was ims (instituto mexicano del sonido), adanowsky, and ely guerra(goddddesssss) concentrating talents at the end.

i am now going to post the conversation mercedes and i had:

mh. ahhhhhhh jajajajaja queen of the indies
mer. jajajaja. me dicen la guayaba
mh. whatt?
mer. jajajaja
mh. la banda no naca, la que estan a lado de estos dudes son los gueyes que acamparon en mi sala
mer. jajajaja
mh. no entiendo nada.
mer. jajaja la crema de la crema indie... amonoooos
mh. amonnnnoossss
mer. vivieron en tú casa.
mh. siii, en el piso, pobres.
mer. cheap castle
mh. los 60 tigres.
mer. jaajajaja. queeeee
mh. queeeeeee
mer. jajajaja. estoy en última fila
mh. no mames el teatro
mer. plis no quiero ganar.
mh jajaja te amo
mer. que eeesss essssttooo.
mh. ya seeeee
obvio me gustó el teto de rojo, pero obvio ya se me quitó con el nombre de su banda.
jajajaja. uffffff.
mer. jajajajajaa. obvio tú novio.
mh. jajajaja ya me apagó durísimo. me recordó a fer.
mer. síiii ehhh.
mh. ya sabes que mi gusto de tetos no falla.
buuu. you got your wish
mer. yeiiiii
mh. my vibes didn´t work... fuckkkk. jajaja
mer. ya vamoonoss
mh. ya va a terminar, toca el ims.
mer. despuesito nos vamos
mh. va

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

small talk

if i could describe one of the things i hate the most, i´d have to say small talk. it´s like my automatic off button.
whenever i eat at the office i have to sit through 15 to 45 minutes (which seem the longest of my life) of girls going on about some lame ass store, a bad movie, gael garcia´s recent interpretation in "letters to juliet", some mexican actor slash model (all/most suck in all sense of the word suck) being suchhhh a hottie, a party, soccer, how muchhhhh work they have to go back to, boss complaints, their daughters/sons getting bad grades, david guetta, hello kitty, the blind side/avatar, and to top it off, a piece of info. i wasn´t aware of: integration days. bowling, gotcha and god knows what else twice a year to promote friendly relationships in the office, i had to smile and say "so fun", maybe my performance wasn´t believable... i felt like such a hypocrite.

when i´m stuck here, i find myself in utter silence nodding and wanting to poke my eyes out with a stick.. half a second of insecurity peaks through and i think to myself, "these people must think i´m weird, or snobby, or stupid and have nothing interesting to say".. but then my common sense kicks back in and i realize i really don´t care. get up and smoke a cigarette.

such a hater, i know...
and don´t get me wrong... i´m not looking for some super profound, life awakening chat, just something that goes a little bit further than the mundane.

how the light gets in.

The acclaimed artist and philosopher Hilary Lawson is curator of both the groundbreaking Open Gallery (which specialises in what he calls ‘video painting’), and the ever-more popular philosophy festival How The Light Gets In. The festival begins tomorrow in Hay-On-Wye and features talks from the illustrious likes of Philip Pullman, Roger Penrose and Bonnie Greer, who will all be taking questions from the floor about everything from the evolution of conciousness to the genesis of the creative imagination. On the first day of summer, I had a chat with the eminent thinker about tapping into the openness of the universe, creating a new kind of art experience and curating a festival of radical ideas...

Dazed Digital: Do you think there is a growing interest in philosophy?
Hilary Lawson: I think that there is, and that’s because lots of the old certainties that came from religion and science have been shaken. There is an enormous amount of change that is taking place right now and we are at risk of thinking we understand more than we do, and at risk of not appreciating what we don’t understand. The function of philosophy is just to allow us to view all the options that are there for us, and help us consider how we might be able to deal with the circumstances in which we find ourselves. The festival is really an opportunity to get philosophy out of the academy and into people’s lives.

Dazed Digital: How much do you think our modern circumstances could be a product of the creative imagination? Could a novel such as Brave New World, for example, be a self-fulfilling prophecy?
Hilary Lawson: I think they could massively be a product of the imagination. Personally, I think the world is open and that we close it with our stories and narratives. Those closures are ways in which we understand the world and they enable us to create and to do things in the world, but they are not the truth. If we imagine a new narrative or a new closure then that gives us the potential to create something that we didn’t have before, but it also constrains us in that in gets us to think in certain ways. In a way, we find ourselves always on the cusp of openness and closure in life – we want enough openness to see what the potential is but we also want some good narratives to fall back on to help us navigate this strange space that is being alive.

Dazed Digital: Is this openness something you strive to achieve in the video paintings at Open Gallery?
Hilary Lawson: The video paintings are certainly influenced by the Fluxus notion of the passing moment and avoiding trying to hold something permanently. They are an attempt to get back to human experience and away from the conceptualization of a lot of contemporary art. What we are trying to do is put the viewer in an environment where they have to allow themselves to become lost in the space. When you go to the seashore, for example, and look out to sea, you get lost in the way the waves are breaking and the shadows are falling – you could be there for a lifetime and it would never be the same, yet it would have its own very specific character. The video paintings are trying to pull us back to that experience.

read full interview here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

mega mega

i have no clue why i just had this flashback to the 90s, my sisters stoned boyfriend, and her blue highlights.


arcade fire!

stupid marketing techniques, here´s like a second of two of their new songs.
the clips don´t really suprise me, but they do thrill the hell out of me...

raise your hand if you think they´ll play mexico... doubtful.
well, i´ll pray every night anyway.

forever´s not so long

i always thought being alone was amazing, since a really young age, i criticized certain family members and friends for not knowing how to be alone, i never understood how someone could be so unfulfilled that they needed another human being to reassess their persona. twenty four years later this still isn´t fully clear, but i´m not so hard on anyone anymore, not even myself... how the fuck could i have the authority to judge what another person needs? and am i so blind that do i really think i don´t need anyone?

again, the endless philosophical inquiry... if a tree falls in the woods, and nobody sees it, does it really fall?

maybe that´s why this short made me almost cry.

maybe that´s life, the abstraction of a couple of mayor events and intersections with people, that will all lead to your inevitable death.

i don´t think it´s tragic at all, quite the opposite, i think it´s beautiful.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

office of blame

i blame: the internet

for: misinformation

my role: look harder

office of blame.

Friday, May 7, 2010


losttt in these visuals and this score by fedaden.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


treasure hunting has resulted effective today.
aesthetics wise, this is everything i look for in a video and in a song... at least if the mood is right.
annddd it matches my new blog.


today is election day in the uk. rhymed.

visit BILLbored

i thought this site to be encouraging. due to the situation our country is living at the current moment; loss of hope, motivation, and inspiration, insecurity; all cultivated through years and years of unfulfilled promises by our supposed leaders, we are in desperate need of a change.
i know nothing of politics or have bothered with knowing, due to lack of faith... the only thing i do know is that mexico needs new direction.. it's coming, i wonder where it'll lead us, hopefully, and i know there´s a longgg way to go, some recovered spot.

BILLbored´s manifesto:
is a viral art initiative aiming to empower people. The political parties aren't inspiring us. So we will have to inspire ourselves. No one is telling us what we want. We're not saying we have the answer. But we know what we don't want. We don't want this.
Born out of an anti-establishment desire to grab a paintbrush, smear the smear and take control; Billbored is about putting the spotlight back on you - and wants you to speak out.

Project#1 offers you the opportunity to design a billboard showing your vision for change in response to the UK General Elections. We have seen what the parties have had to say, and frankly, we are bored of it. With a politically none biased viewpoint, Billbored is voting for change.

Government are supposed to represent us, the people. We are re-wiring politics. Forget Whitehall. Forget corruption. Forget middle class baby boomers. Billboard is about youth, creativity and liberation. It is about time that we all made it clear what we want, instead of being enchanted by false promises.

In a call to action, we now want to see what you have to say. We are offering you the opportunity to express yourself about something that is ultimately going to affect us all, without being party specific or biased towards your vote.

Throughout Election Week, submitted designs will be made visible across London, with thanks to the support from Diesel UK and Red Bull who have helped in fueling our campaign. By using industrial projectors, we will broadcast your billboard design onto the front of buildings, ensuring that everyone in the city can view your vision for change.


after a not so awesome start to one of my favorite days.... thanks stupid clio and miguel for crashing into me, i found this via a friend who was sending a morning song... scrolled down so this could make my day.

if you thought grizzly bear´s foreground couldn´t produce more chills all over your body and eno´s canon in d major couldn´t space you out more... you have to try this:

i´m doing it again.

tip. start foreground before canon in d major.

phoenix, i love you, and your hype is so, but so, very well deserved.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

make up

and now that we´re going down this path, this video is more than relevant. just this flashes back, way back to 2000... and the finding yourself part of this whole party... my semi-seriousness is making me laugh.


all i can say is finally.
i was finally able to bring myself to take down my i´ll be your mirror title image.. i loved it at a certain point and credit to dea for helping me put it together, but that was about two years ago i think, i no longer felt it went with what this blog turned in to... seems like ages, now i understand why all of a sudden i was in the mood for midnight juggernauts and polyrock... spontaneous flashback.

trying to keep it simple, or simpler at least, i remember when i opened this blog, my friend mercedes and my motto was "more is more¨.. too much information me? dammnnn. overeager twenty year old who´d accidentally tripped and stepped into a whole lot of things..

in loving memory of
fat person in speedo diving into "sometimes i think, sometimes i don´t"
smiling plastic seal (aka kikone la foca)
"what are you looking at?"
illustrated jellyfish...

r.i.p., you will be missed.

this blogs´ anniversary was in april, guess april is just catching up. three years doesn´t seem like a lot, but in internet time and in blog posts (689 posts to be precise), equals an eternity.
feels like we´ve come a long way.. who knows?...
maybe we´ve stayed the same.

thank you blogger for being my shrink.

nine lives

flashback to 2007
video not great, song makes me wanna dance.... every single time.