Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Justin Lee Williams

wash away

bleeding camera

pete and his tips

eye of a feather

rainbow mountain


little phil


roaming around the internet, i came across justin lee williams´ilustrations, this artist sits near melbourne, sketching, drawing and painting along side a wombat, that visits his tree house occasionaly and with whom he addresses intersting things like how the cold war is over, and how australia is great.
i truly enjoy such things inspired by feathers, forests, and foggy nights, because they create a whole new story mixed in with fantasy, reality, day, night... sweet, creepy, paradox, intrigues me.
see a bit more on his blog...
and his homepage justinleewilliams.com

*justin was so kind as to lend me his ilustrations for the post.. all of them are owned by him, and may not be used without permission.


MR style said...

your blog is maravilloso !! so chic !! and the pics are wicked

protoplasma said...

Ya desapareciste muchos días o_O