Thursday, July 10, 2008


the meaning of happiness:
arizona green tea
a couple of indio´s
some cigarrettes
& some small talk on God, existentialism, questioning, people, truth, auras, keywords, humility, love, learning, ego, fear, and sex.

1. blind melon- no rain
2. for the benefit of mr. kite- the beatles
3. detrás de mi ventana- yuri
4. life on mars- bowie
5. nothing´s gonna stop us- starship
6. unforgetable- natalie and nat king cole
7. vivo por ella- andrea boccelli y martha sanchez
8. love will tear us apart- joy division
9. wish you were- pink floyd
10. mad world- tears for fears
11. stormy- classic IV
12. love- john lennon
13. kissing a fool- george micheal
14. you learn- alanis morissette
15. uninvited- alanis morisette
16. black hole sun- soundgarden
17. you´re a god- vertical horizon
18. malibu- hole

yes, this is the backlash of being born in the eighties and growing up in the ninties.


Jorge Fernando González said...

tienes la boca llena de verdad!

marlon róugue said...

i live on the other side of the country, but i must say ima big fan of your blog, x.

DEA said...

perfectly cambray...