Wednesday, August 13, 2008

access to life

le tomé fotos a este documental q entrevista a varias personas q viven con vih/sida.. sus experiencias, sus sentimientos y su proceso..
a little dose of reality, so we can try and open our eyes.

ps. para aquellos q vieron similitud con las fotos de chicmamacita, quiero escribir q no es intento al plagio, simplemente así se tomaron al ser fotografiadas sobre proyector y sin flash.
ja q formal mi lenguaje, a altas horas de la noche, me pongo burocrática.

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IRIS and PIETER said...

ah, this is just heartbreaking.
maybe the best post ever that i've read on a blog. with capacity. it makes you think clear. most people make problems about everything! meanwhile people in other country's have bigger problems and die because of aids. it's just unfair. i hope those people all can be cured in the future. beautiful photographs.