Sunday, November 29, 2009


not to be mistaken for youth without aim or aspiration, slacker (1991, richard linklater) is the portrayal of various discursive minds roaming the streets of the texas capital, "deeply" wanting to change the world around them, but mistaking socializing with evangelization along the way.

partly sympathetic, partly satirical, beginning with the movie´s title.
the "independent" type caught up in this conceptual web of somewhat utopic but true notions of reality...
a slightly pretentious self-indulgent text that takes a crack at the life ponderings of a whole range of intellectuals and pseudo intellectuals, all commenting on "structure", "order", chaos. the film is narrated in this chaotic turn of chance and rhizomatic encounter that left me hanging on each syllable.
a chain of random thoughts that manage to weave themselves into the next, even though the previous seemingly has nothing to do with the quickly arriving array of events. a pastiche of fragments and philosophical inquiries that have become tangled in our immediate and automatic responses.
topics ranging from parallel realities, conspiracy theories, anarchic fantasies, a smurf and krishna theory (how they´re both blue), and basically everyone "selling" their truth to the person beside them.
the evasion of frustration... thinking the okay, good, or great ideas, and not knowing how to put them into action.
i began considering the hypocritical nature of the thought thoughts without kinetic energy, left to be taken by time and the undone acts forgotten by the passing of the days. procrastination.

for me, one of the highlights of the film include the opening scene when the director richard linklater is taking a cab and talking about how as soon as we begin having choices, parallel realities are constructed (my hook).

and personally i could sum up the movie in this phrase:
"the tragedy of life is that man is never free... the more the pain grows, the more this instinct for life somehow asserts itself.. the necessary beauty in life is to give yourself to it completely, only later will it clarify itself and become coherent."

and not without a madonna pap smear.

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