Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the cave

today i was taken back to plato´s cave. this allegory had a huge impact on me during my 12th grade philosophy class.
more so when our teacher, ms. kate (still one of the best teachers i´ve ever had), left this as our final exam:
an essay narrating our take on plato´s text and a visual representation of it.
artsy assignments always got me excited back in high school. when most of my friends were taking art class for the easy A, i was the geek doing the mural with miss flor (miss flor scared me, she/he made us buy her crappy art book the first semester of class with her, those illustrations still haunt me). i wonder what ever happened to that mural?
anyways i think i couldn´t sleep thinking of what i would do.

so now that i´m done with prefacing this...
i was watching the sunset over the ocean (no surprise there), a glass barrier marked a division between me, a cliff, the ocean, the sky, and the sunset, the glass stood at eye level, there were reflecting images of my family on the surface, they were sitting behind me, eating dessert and drinking coffee, each of us having our own dialogue with the moment.
this song played on as i sat still for the whole 7:04 minutes analyzing what is it that i actually want for the upcoming 2010, and how this whole scene was my contemporary version of the cave. it got me thinking how we know something so beautiful is sitting in front of us, waiting to be acknowledged and thoroughly experienced, is taken for granted. i´m not saying we shouldn´t drink coffee or that we should stop having dessert just to watch a sunset, my point is that the beauty, the chance, and the odds are always there, waiting patiently to be materialized.

happy 10.
as nostalgia fades away, i have a feeling it´ll be better than 09.

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realismo crudo said...

apuesto una pierna a que los 10s van a ser decididamente más interesantes que los 00s.
no sé porqué.
tengo esa sensación.
así que, buen comienzo.