Wednesday, September 8, 2010


to say, Yes, I lied, but consider my position, send three spiders in a matchbox. Rubies and juniper are apologies. Sign your name with blue ink if you want another chance, green for ambivalence, red if you´ve torn your mouth from its hinges. A bird´s nest warns that desire obeys only itself. Twine says shame. You love her, but you love yourself more? Wrap a magnet in newspaper. Abalone means We must resign ourselves to fate; paintbrushes There is much I cannot Understand. Cotton is astonishment. And if you know you must speak, but not how or where to begin? Amaryllis.

Joel Brouwer.

i stole this poem from a wall, and it appeared yesterday inside my bag. seemed adecuate.


Esmaeil Khaksari said...

I bet you stole it from the San Jose.

michell halley said...

i bet you have one too.