Thursday, January 6, 2011


this song belongs to 2010.
so goodbye 10 and on with 11.
throughout this blog´s history i´ve had the tendency to wish my two readers a happy new one. since this year i had better things to do, i didn´t..

it was the usual, but the usual means fun and the longest 31st of my life. which to be honest wasn´t the usual, it was farrr farr from that, and for some mysterious reason, we managed to cram into a day what would be done in a week long vacation.

"surfing"/massage at 8am
another beach at 1:30pm
oysters at 2:30pm
waverunner at 4pm
last dive into the ocean 5somethingpm
boat to marina/sunset 5something-6somethingpm
make centerpieces for party 7pm
help with grapes 8pm
shower/change 9-10pm
boat to fireworks 11pm
fireworks 12am
champagne 11:45pm
new year 12:01 am
hugs 12-1am
back to marina 1:05am
dinner 2am
party starting 5am
bathing suit 8am
pool 8:05am
sleep 1pm
food 6pm
sleep 7-11pm
tv 11-1pm

trying to beat our record of how long we can stay up for. we almost had it.
i was thinking today on how we tend to drag last year into the new one, either conscious or unconsciously, lame. so what i propose, is to let it fade.

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