Tuesday, March 1, 2011

white on white

...white, although often considered a no colour, is the symbol of a world in which colour has disappeared as a quality or material substance. that world is too far above us, that none of its sounds reach us. from it, a great silence takes its place, like a cold, indestructible, impenetrable, and infinite wall. white acts like an absolute silence over the soul. internally it sounds like a non-sound comparable to musical pauses that temporarily break a melody. it is not a dead silence, on the contrary, it is full of possibility. white sounds like silence, that all of a sudden can be comprehended.
wassily kandinsky,
concerning the spiritual in art.

i begin my thesis with this excerpt, which to me seems to sum up many of the things i lived through, let´s say for the past lifetime. anyone who´d disagree must really hate the abstract. or is simply a control freak.

ps. as i relistened to the song i just posted, and assimilated it to whatever i just wrote... i´m such a nouveau new age junkie. on my defense, even though i´m authentically repelled by myself, i grew up in the nineties/Y2k.


Thadeus Knoxford said...

Yay!! that is truly amazing how white light is the TOTAL sum of the visible color spectrum, shades necessary on occasion B-)
very much enjoyed this, thankyou.

Julian said...

white clouds, white light, white snow, white lies

Julián said...

brilliant and beautiful Kandinsky quote

michell halley said...

thanks for stopping by.
white makes my life worth living.