Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wolf Like Me, Tractate on the Steppenwolf

Hermann Hesse is truly an astonishing writer, whomever knows me knows the impact he´s had on whatever I am/have become/will be. This video shows a pictorial version of Steppenwolf from 1974 (via.debs). What Hesse produces goes well beyond catharsis if such a feeling exists. His world was the word-world though he himself didn´t actually believe in words, he thought the world of the word was only a half-world, a half-truth. Seems curious for a writer, maybe because nothing ever consumates unless a writer has a reader -the action, the flesh, the body that might give life to any and every word-, in physical terms; writing might be illusory until sex.

The real encounter- person to person. Not word to word.

Or Better said: SPIRIT TO SPIRIT.

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