Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Christianity in Crisis"

I don´t actually agree with what Jefferson did to the Bible, but Andrew Sullivan gives an insightful perspective on the current "crisis" of the church and on Jesus´ true nature. I scrolled down to view some of the comments to find people who didn´t find the title too objective, which left me with the sensation of wanting to answer (this person reminded me of someone I know really well)... This crisis is a physical one not a spiritual one, if anything, there is a current spiritual revival. If your faith has deep roots in God/Jesus, the crisis is nonexistent, if this faith is in doubt most likely it is rooted in something other than God, i.e Man. People who feel outraged with such a piece cannot really see what´s unveiling right in front of our eyes, and it´s something I wrote on a couple of posts back... This conscious or unconscious weakness inherent in humanity, those who uphold false truths and those who out of ignorance subscribe to them. The church, a clear example. Even if I intuit an eventual downfall, there is nothing to be afraid of people, didn´t you ever read somewhere you were your own temple (not to be confused with you are your own god, which is sadly how many people might interpret it)..., that you didn´t have to go far to find God, for He being the Creator and breathing life into creation lives in intrinsic communion with everything that is LIVING. So before any hardcore believers panic, I hope you find peace in knowing God cannot be eradicated, the Church is simply a human-made place to find shelter, a building that´ll eventually crumble, everything physical eventually passes, and that´s fine- it´s part of a natural order, the only thing Eternal is the Spirit. I invite you to find shelter in yourself, in the good nature of your heart, in the elevation of your thoughts, in the lightness of the Spirit, to find this Something that created Everything. Photograph by Kwon O. Chul, TWAN

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