Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shy Child

aló? oh i know you wish you had a bannana phone like ours.

and here´s the part where we were channeling andy warhol. i don´t know who started the dynamic, it was really stupid, but fun... we should all start getting a kick out of simple things, or were we wasted? either, or.. nate is the best because he played along

entonces queridos.. si quieren saber detalle de la noche chequen el i heart de mer.. q dice, we heart nate, we heart pete, we heart michell (me), we heart wildnights, we heart bannana phones, we heart mercedes´M.I.A outfit.. we heart a lot of things of the night, but especially we heart shy child.. q por cierto, were on tour with klaxons and hot chip..
and will be back for the mx beat in puebla in febuary.. with none other than M.I.A.
we shall wait paciently.
in the meantime, visit_,
and lets all be fans.


chic mamacita said...

i heart pete
i heart nate
i heart michelle
i heart our wild nights
i heart afterparties in hotelrooms
i do not heart them having girlfriends
i dont heart girlfriends at all
i heart my M.I.A. outfit
i heart your blog
i heart rap
i heart banana phones
i heart my single heart but i need a punch
i heart a man

Margarita said...

i heart your blog!

chic mamacita said...

i started the freaky banana thing
quien mas que tu psycho phalic friend jajajajajja emo the post y amo la nueva MUJER EN EL ESPEJO!!!!

Oh! messy life said...

asi se llama la marca de mi mejor amiga de bolsas