Sunday, July 12, 2009

Andrea Balency

honey flows from the mouth and fingers of this truly talented artist, the other day, i witnessed something that felt special.. she sang at bataclán.. amidst 40 people..
i don´t know why being there reminded me of this scene from 24 hour party people, when tony wilson describes he was witnessing history as he saw the sex pistols play a gig for about forty-something people.. and then he goes on in the movie saying, "the smaller the crowd the bigger the history".. he tells this guy, "how many people where at the last supper" (this got a laugh out of me.. )
(just wanted to point out that it felt special, maybe it´s not history, but i know and have this gut feeling that it will be something... maybe andrea balency´s music has nothing to do with the sex pistols, so i´ll continue)
the thing is this, andrea has this exquisite voice, i´ve heard her demo tapes, and she´s better live than on record, tell me how many artists have the privilege to be better live? plus she writes her own music, she plays the piano like she were drinking a glass of water, the accordion and etceteras.. she usually plays/sings alone, but the other day she was accompanied by two band members on counter bass and percussion.
harmony and honey is a perfect description for this 19 year old french slash mexican girl, who oscillates between singing in french, spanish and english...
passing on the information and hoping someone will check it out.
for that to happen, one must


she´s playing a gig with juan manuel torreblanca at casa hilvana on the 23rd.

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