Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cildo Meireles.

at the almost culmination of a truly enriching cultural weekend, came the Cildo Meireles exhibit at MUAC.
as i travelled from room to room, the idea and conception of time, space, life, perception in general, became a bit clearer...
meireles, a brazilian born artist, manages an intense abstraction of the factors i just mentioned.. it felt like the spectator was being given a complete panorama into "life", the expo. travels through almost all sensory experiences such as smell, sound, touch, and sight of course..

his conception of space and how he represents it, is definitely precise, the merger of both time and space becomes this trip into a room full of clocks and rulers, clocks with time undone, and rulers in their skeleton form, numbers out of place, apparent "chaos", their true function blurred into a room of CHANCE... the "paradox" of these coexisting is when the spectator has touched that exact floor, at the exact moment, so that harmony may arise and their lines intersect.

stepping on glass, hearing the glass break in the distance, looking into a mirror without a face, a tower of radios, the music, the interference, the beauty and the frustration of the no-order...
taking the body into the art, the mind going beyond its vision, and acting upon the senses.
the real, the represented and the illusion.

it was enlightening to view this expo at this time, my thesis had something to do with the exploration of objects (specifically platonic solids) in euclidean space, how an idea may be mapped, and how its core meaning, its real reality (with all implied redundancy), how it´s transformed and how someone else perceives it... all being different points ARE contained in the same idea, they must coexist, and they must know that they are the same "thing" but at the same time, they are also antithetical.

once more, paradoxes are lovely.

exhibit_ july 2009- january 2010.

insurgentes sur 3000

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