Saturday, August 1, 2009


i´ll be presenting my first collection at IDM international designers mexico by the end of september, a new fashion and cultural event going on in mexico city.
the website describes a bit of what HALLEY is about.
pretty excited about it, i´m not doing a runway show, just a showroom exhibition, but still, i believe it will go well.
this is the beginning of the end...
my PAGE.


HALLEY is born out of the night sky.
Points aligned creating silhouettes. We are form, tissue... galaxies.
Reflection of space: objects.
The transition of an idea in fragments, becomes lost, united, broken and rebound. Always creating its total.
Concepts taken into their material shape.
The construction of a piece that has travelled from mind to paper, from paper to mind, transferring the infinite spaces of the invisible and the intangible.

Mind to eyes, to starry sky. Images fly from the vertebras that have been covered in life, protection comes to the tips
of my fingers and is thrown out into the void.

The map of invisibility, hung on the wall, breathing identity, awaiting appropriation.
Transforming itself into territory.


The webs of interconnectivity are being projected thousands of light years away, the sky that has been laid above our heads outlines universes from afar, we want to understand the distance, travel to other shores, sit and see the horizon light up, we wish to swim in suspended waters, understand the meaning of our being.
We constantly seek the instants that discover forgotten secrets/remembered moments.

Light touching from its origin to the eyes and back. We are the analysis that exists between the tangible substance and the world of idea. Ephemeral Mode, the translation, the transition and its expiration.

We are left with the sensation of travel, we manage to see it at a distance, it is contained in the air, it is incorporated into the skin and then... we see it make way to the intersections of space, time and body.

mh. 009

i know i know i tend to go on and on about space time and intersections, but i believe that is the abstraction of life.


r1 said...

looks lovely!
good luck on that.

tout la fete said...

Quede atrapada entre tela, papel y espacio...

que felicidad Michell!
estaré super al pendiente de ese showroom :)

love_Nuit Blanche_

Anonymous said...

que bien mich.
en el espacio todo es posible. hasta que en la misma noche que pasemos viendo las estrellas, alguien nos estñe viendo del lado contrario en el mismo instante.

abrazo y lo mejor.

Galletas said...

espero que te vaya muy bien :) suerte!