Wednesday, August 26, 2009


2:23am been going back and forth between cuernavaca and mexico city for the past five days, awaiting for my niece to come out of sisters belly. I'm at the hospital right now, tired out of my mind, coming back from a fancy dinner with the so called "industry" (i'm remembering this scene in adaptation where charlie tells his "brother not to call the industry "industry") ja. Faux pas on my behalf... sooo i'm in heels, black pants, a top i made (must admit, not very comfortable), white jacket, make-up, haven't taken out my contacts in two sounds like i'm complaining, but i'm not, i'm trying to make a point... My point is this: as i was standing outside my sisters room i heard her scream out in pain as in never heard her before. The moral of the story is one: i may never have children and two the good things in life cause us at least a little bit of pain, and no, i'm not a masoquist.


elena said...

isabella is here.....:)
muchas felicidades mi amor, y si crees que escuchar a tu hermana gritar es "mucho", tienes que ver mejor una pelicula de como nacen los bebes (total vagina expansion), after that I am seriously never having children...
te amo, extrano, y quiero hablar conitgo para que me cuentes la experiencia de ser tia...
te amooooooooooooooo

michell halley said...

amorr ando desconectada de la civilizacion.. ya me urge reconectarme.. estoy feliz, ya la vi y todavia no me cae el 20..
te marco pronto para contarte.
te amooooooooooooooooooooooo

Liliana P. said...

Por azares del destino encontré tu blog y me pareció muy interesante, me gustan mucho tus fotos y tu sentido del estilo, yo claro el nombre de tu blog, que me recuerda una de mis canciones favoritas...jajaja de cualquier forma me gustaría saber más sobre tú colección, se ve que compartimos un cierto sentido del estilo.
Un saludo,

Easy Tiger said...