Saturday, September 19, 2009

11th dimension... really?

is julian casablancas effing serious?

ok, so i checked out casablanca´s new song/solo project, of course i did, for me, it´s a no brainer.. and yes, anything that talks about dimensions, count me in.
simple equation:
julian casablancas + i´m a strokes fan + 11th dimension (ja) = it has to be good.
the answer to my equation was wrong.
the real result = i hadn´t heard such a crappy song in quite a long time.

i´ll give it to him, i´m glad he stepped away (at least as an experiment) from that stroke sound we´ve heard since this is it, room on fire & first impressions of earth... we all agree that their sound has pretty much stayed the same, and besides, if we want more strokes music posing as a solo project we´ve got albert hammond jr. for that..


the cover art (for the single).. sucks. haven´t we seen enough of these revisited eighties, neon, geometric shit, that only daft punk can pull off?
the song... sucks.
heard it twice, painful.

ok so some tips, and i´m really hating so i´ll get on with it:

1. lay off the synths.. this is not you.. i just can´t help picturing you on a island, dancing really cheesy in a hawaiian t-shirt.
no credibility whatsoever.
what happened to that fucked up lead singer we girls tend to be so unusually attracted to?
2. yes, please do collaborate with pharrell and santigold... we DO like to dance to that song.
3. ultimately, julian darling, stick to what you know.

sometimes the whole solo thing gets me confused.
maybe i´m being a bit drastic (and maybe i have to give the whole album a chance, which i doubt, this pretty much turned me wayy off.), but maybe i´m just predicting that if the strokes try to get away from their characteristic sound, it will be:
A. a total failure.
B. we´ll just keeping hearing the same thing over and over again... which i won´t complain, i think their three albums are, or will be "classics".

hear it here to see for yourselves.

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