Sunday, September 6, 2009

present. future.

sometimes we must hibernate in the springtime to see that cave
the cave contains us in a place where we are awakened to touch our reality.
the cave that has no bewildering remnants of lights past.
just us, just this....


springtime makes the air humid as it illuminates the pavement.
human has made pavement their earth.
we were taught to walk on this pavement, to place our feet before it.
the earth that was once in origin, has now become distracted.
it has become its abstraction to the real.

the real as it is felt in my brain, or the real that is touched between my hands?
we choose.

memories of autumn make us smile and remind us that we have chosen to grow with flight.


clouds may bring larger shadows, but our shadows walk taller through the grass.

gratitude falls before my fingers and decides to expel words of bears, sea-horses and magenta turned cables.
i enjoy these words that have befallen upon my fingers, they move as if was no extra task, just a simple wink to a world that was barely met. it winked for some glimpses of time and space, but neither this time nor space has yielded unto the moment.

should is a word i like to forget, should forgets what has been done..

so now as i see this yellow stricken horizon, i understand, that the physics of our universes harmonize in the present, not in our lingering past.

_ as i was browsing through old emails, sorting everything out, i found this one i wrote on may 22.
foreshadowing the "present.future".


Art Pepper said...

He leido algunos post de tu blog y me ha dejado con la mirada encantada, me gustas, gracias por este espacio.

michell halley said...

rozan el encanto tormentoso
ya que el aire caliente y el aire frio se junta en estratosferas lejanas.

la tonteria,
necesaria para la nostalgia.
(por lo menos en mi caso)

el encanto ahora lo dejo en mis dedos
en los ojos que arman estructuras invisibles.

gracias por compartir.