Monday, October 26, 2009


count me in for architecture inspired anything..
OMRs opening for the jorge mendez blake´s 3 bibliotecas.

architecture, the space that contains, books, and trees..
such coherent elements in a chain of imperfect ideas.

how fitting to see the clear imposition of the "artificial" in nature.
yet nature returns with such artifice as the death of the author mr. roland barthes so wisely stated in his essay.
the author exists only by his text, there is no author without a text, thus there is no creator without a creation. & vice versa.
all this left in the hands of the spectator.
"readers must separate a literary work from its creator in order to liberate it from interpretive tyranny"...
i would ask barthes to please give me the formula on how to liberate myself from my subconscious.

art tends to stray far from subtracting the creator from the creation, even if some claim to do this in a noble manner, i have not yet met the artist who has successfully denied his ego, barthes just points us in the right direction.
a process maybe.

another discourse that also came to mind was foucault´s text on the panopticon, blake did these drawings with charcoal picturing a tall tower in the middle of the forest..
the tower, watching over the forest in an "omnipresent" manner, the artificial, the man made, serving as the obliteration of the organic...
the weight of structures constructed upon a space that has no physical words in response.

i saw a full circle assembled in this short but complete exhibition of work; the library, infinite texts that have been written, all sculpted out of a tree... forming an intrinsic, yet subtle whisper of our future movements that irrevocably will have a profound effect on the world around us.

hard to find some type of catharsis amidst the spectators, a note worthy experience, and i found myself, hungover ameliorated, continuing the dialogue in my head...
my head was saying this..
searching for the interesting title, a captivating preface, a pretty cover...
the endless works and words written all contained under a single roof, circular walls forming a cycle, mirror making shapes, sentences waiting to be chosen, or forever lost in the decay of time over a page of once white paper.

a cleaver way of saying everything is giving a book a blank cover..

blake did it right.

Plaza Río de Janeiro 54
Colonia Roma
México 06700 DF
T +52 55 /5511 1179/5207 1080
F +52 55 /5533 4244

Horarios de atención y visita a la galería:
Martes a Viernes de 10 a 15 hs. y de 16 a 19 hs.
Sábado de 10 a 14 hs.

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