Tuesday, October 13, 2009

guilty pleasure

· not sleeping.
· sleeping.
· being a geek.
· finding amazing things for less than 100 pesos.
· taking wayyy too many pictures of sunsets/sunrises/sky.
· having wayyy too many pictures of myself on facebook (thanks mr. drama for pointing that out./ he´s just jealous because he wants more photos of himself).
· over conceptualizing.
· bear grylls.
· hooters buffalo chicken sandwich (best hangover food).
· showering at 1 am.
· dos equis ambar.


elena said...

chick flicks are way up there

michell halley said...
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michell halley said...

of course we share that guilty pleasure, and it is way up there.. but i thought it was too predictable.
no has visto a prueba de todo con bear grylls? el mejor programa de discovery.. now that´s a real g.p.
who the fuck needs to know how to survive in the everglades or in the carpathian mountains?

Yannina Thomassiny aka Cassette said...

andeleeee culposa

mercedes nasta said...

XX ambar que ricoooo
sea urchin!
sea urchin!
sea urchin!
oh your link is back yeeei

mercedes nasta said...

i killed the meriland, bueno lo escondi, sentia que al leerlo, dialogaba con una yo de hace 4 decadas, really freaky.