Saturday, August 14, 2010


gary pimiento co-creator with matías aguayo of BumBumBox parties and record label Cómeme, arrives in mexico for a night with los cocos, pairing with rebolledo for a more than excellent auditve experience.
mezcal spiked coconuts and umbrellas themed the party.

refreshing to see a dj actually play vinyls, pre-party we were with one of the djs that was also going to play. three out of ten in the room were djs, one actually made his living out of it (and i still consider him one of the best in mexico), there was also a producer (he was the most pissed off) and told the story of how when he lived in london he´d met the guy who had composed, written, whatever (i really don´t know how that works in dj land) the song that made paul van dyk explode, he was like, "fuck all these hipsters that want to make a living out of djing", "playing an ipod isn´t djing", then the dj came in and said, "well carrying vinyls is a mess sometimes and 90% of the times, places aren´t even equipped to play vinyls", objective point of view d.r.. then producer responded "it´s ok just as long as you actually know how to mix a vinyl", fair enough i thought. d.r. went on commenting, how this 16 year old boy came up to him and asked, "where can i go to dj school". awesome... i bet at the rate we´re going, in 20 years (even 10) it will be a legitimate career, just like fashion.

fashion and music i thought, i told d.r. we should open a fashion and djing school together, we´d make millions.

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