Monday, August 16, 2010


jdg sent this song over a year ago, i´d heard the original, but hadn´t heard of toro & moi. since exploring what seemed to be a new branch of lo-fi, jdg called it "glo-fi" (that description is a bit more pictoric), i was drawn into the whole movement, from chillwave, new-out, or hypnagogic pop, witch house, drag, and etc... even though these subgenres evidently come hand in hand with "sucky" recordings, it fascinated me because it had new texture, echoes, and hidden layers. no more polished anythings, but some dreamy reminisce of an etheric landscape.

i discovered how to dress well a couple of months back, and as he´s put out more releases, i can easily say it´s part of my 2010 favorites. (debut LP out in september.)
"ready for the world" is a perfect example why i like them so much, twin sister, another 2010 favorite, remixes this song, but it´s not on youtube.. i´ll leave another in the meantime.

awesome mj sample, if i knew how to remix i´d make this a dance song.

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