Tuesday, October 12, 2010

observing ones mind

one: place your focus on the intervals.

second technique: before desire and before knowledge, how can i say "i am"?
consider it.
melt into beauty.

before desire and before knowledge how can i say "i am".
desire surges: with this desire, the sensation of "i am" arrises.
thought arrises: with each thought the sensation of "i am" comes forth...
before desire and before knowledge, there is no ego.

sit in silence.
a thought surges: you can identify yourself with this thought.
desire surges: you can identify with this desire.
during the process of identity, you become your ego.
so think, in these intervals, there is neither desire, nor knowledge, nor thought, suddenly identity turns into nihilism.
ego can´t surface.

buda used this technique and asked his followers to do one thing: when a thought arrises, perceive it. buda used to say that when thoughts come to our mind, we should just observe the awakening and process of this thought.

book of secrets num. 83

so of course there´s desire, and of course there´re millons of thoughts that pass every single millisecond through our head, all this means is that "ideas and thoughts are like clouds passing through the sky", and the spaces between the clouds are what should be real, or better said, what is real:

the substance that remains when we take the hazy mist away.

we are what we are, neither our matter nor our being was constructed by what we think, but what we will become.

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