Sunday, October 17, 2010


surreal is what this week (year) could be described as. "if only i could make people as happy as i´m feeling right this instant" is what i thought to myself while arcade fire was in the middle of rebellion.

i guess as we grow, we start making up an almanac of memories filled with melodies, scents, songs, temperatures the wind has rolled against your skin, the type of light the sun gave off on certain days, special spots, streets, texts, tastes... this week was all about opening the almanac.

arcade fire, bachelorette party, airwaves, foals, interpol, and pixies later, sunday came and as i left my apartment to take a walk; the walk, the sky, the cold air, felt so familiar that it all made me smile.

we all have specific songs that produce a certain type of chemistry, somehow they become intertwined in our brain, or in our heart, or somewhere we can´t even name. all of a sudden you´re floating in the middle of a sea of people singing to the same song, same letters, different sounds, different feelings, but essentially same page in that invisible recollection of a place without time or space.

this week was rebellion, spanish sahara, la la love, and caribou.
i have to mention that i touched yannis philippakis shoulder as he was finishing the concert, all this happened after falling in love with his voice, his beard, and his ability to climb metal towers. i know, i´m embarrassing, it´s like a phenomenon, going to a concert or going to a festival, being collectivly anonymous, something coming alive that either transforms people into what they really are or what they would like to be.

this entry is a tribute to some of those songs and bands i´ve had the inmense priveledge to stand in front of.

la la love and caribou are tied.

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