Tuesday, November 16, 2010

exhibit c.

i kind of thought twice after my friend came up and asked, "do you want to host a band for sonorama?".. hmm not so sure i´d like to spend my birthday weekend "working". i thought about it for 5 min. and concluded that i should get out of my comfort zone... my friend asked which band i wanted to show mexico to (even though brief), i responded "prefuse 73"...
an ex introduced me to their music a couple of years back and i´d fallen for it, in some way it had opened my musical universe and parallel to that, soundtracked an important time during college.
i´m weak when it comes to nostalgia.

from meeting them, to getting a feel of each of their particular personalities, to the mezcal, félix, sonorama, to casa roma (newly named casa 73), cypress hill, pulque, to bday crew via insurgentes, repeat on jay electronica, coyoacan, some insane live music band, to more mezcal, to things just fitting.
and basically, really cool, extremely talented people doing what they love for a living, and doing it OH SO WELL.
"super no joke".

for you

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