Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"you like me more than you think you do"

saw greenberg after a while of posting about the soundtrack. the whole movie seems to fit james murphy´s loosing my edge dilema.
strange how many friends, acquaintances, mental pictures, and pure assumptions of people i know and don´t made an appearance... bits of myself too.

below excerpts from a article james murphy wrote for a literary magazine called fivedials.

I’m interested in the way the cynical can be turned optimistic and the optimistic cynical, and what’s most interesting to me is a song that contains some sort of argument with loss.

Funny-sad is way more sad.

‘I wish I was like a real writer.’ They don’t realize that real writers are just as hapless. They just know that feeling: they’re doing it and I’m not.

Why does anything return? Maybe for that strange, unstable, psychotic reason people are happy and satisfied and feel cool, even for a moment.

if you´re interested in reading the rest download number 13.

i guess that makes murphy´s lyrics interesting and greenberg a personal pastiche on a whole bunch of people i know, or think i know.. the truth is that it´s all so damn pessimistic. the other day i was listening to this is it after a couple of months of giving it a rest, i rediscovered murphy trashes just about everything, and leaves little room for rebuttal, just when you´re about to hate him, he sets in phrases of revindication.

you might forget, forget a sound of a voice
still you should not forget, yeah, don´t forget...
the things that we laughed about

i know, i may not have lived as much, but how is expecting the worse, being cynical, living attached to our hang-ups (until our hang-ups actually make us believe we´ve become them) gonna make anything else better? is surving on one single phrase going to cut it? we already know shitty things will always come our way, i suck at math, but what i do know is the average of the better would win. i also know that every time i write or speak about murphy it seems like i dislike him, i actually don´t, i admire his dialectic.

a lot of people out there are or were afraid of turning into a good/"good" person, a good father, mother, husband, sister, brother, blank. the reality is that we all have to try harder. and if we at least try, i think it´ll be ok.

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