Monday, April 25, 2011


HEALTH on PFAS Interview from Jose Manuel Espínola on Vimeo.

via PFAS

as i mentioned a couple of posts back, i was scheduled to interview HEALTH when they visited d.f some time back...
for reasons that go beyond my own physical capabilities/internal GPS, i didn´t make the interview, long story short, i got lost in a horrible part of downtown, horrible to the point of thinking i would never see daylight...
a good samaritan actually got into his car and escorted me to where i was going. even though in mexico city, this could also be a trap (yes, you read correctly, trap), his intentions were pure; it was the desperation on my face.

HEALTH one of the best live shows i´ve seen in 011.
the lost and thinking i was going to die part was worth it.

ps. HEALTH mentions PICTUREPLANE in this interview, some friends claim he´s the best thing to happen to music in seconds, now it´s all clearer...
HEALTH being one of those bands that´re underrated, yet the quality of their sound is rare, they´re way way better live than on tape, it´s not something you can say about a lot of bands nowadays... Pictureplane played DF on friday, didn´t go bc i was out of town, but if he´s backed by HEALTH, he must be carrying a worthwhile gig, I see where those conclusions are coming from... even if in the end, it´s all about the post-punk nostalgia.

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