Wednesday, April 13, 2011


ok, so almost two hours of a youtube video seem insane, but let me say it´s well worth them. you´ll invest in something interesting instead of sitting around picking your nose. if you dig lynch, science, meditation, consciousness, how the brain works, a cameo on dreams, etc. then take a look.
right around min. 50, when dr. hagelin (a dude that´s being compared to einstein/who incidently looks like major garland briggs) explains the scientific perspective on meditation, i was blown away, i had no clue science had a way to explain such ethereal things. people call the micro micro micro worlds quantum physics, mechanics and such, i would call it something else.
laugh away people, now it´s science..


Thadeus Knoxford said...

Hey i watched an amazingly long youtube video today on conciseness too by this cool felloe Drunvalo Melchezedek..its out-there but anything worth watching is. Here is the link to youtube its an hour and thirty min and i HIGHLY recomend it. it came out a month ago, enjoy and be well. Thanks for the video :)

michell halley said...