Wednesday, April 13, 2011

known unknowns

where and what would we be without language?
some would say language expands certain restraints and obstructions, others would argue that words remove the blockage. certain writers write about the author dying everytime he expresses himself on paper (barthes) giving his identity to his reader, the readers vision is added onto the writing, exchanging ones world for the writers world and vice versa.
our verb is our architecture and invisible legacy.
letters, words, sentences, phrases, and languages are necessary to a certain extent, but what happens beyond them when communication doesn´t seem to be enough... ?

what´s clearer, more words or less of them?
when are there less casualties?

this wasn´t the exact dj spooky song i wanted, but it´s close to the one i was listening to when i began thinking about music with few to no words.

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