Tuesday, April 6, 2010

coherencia conectada

Georges Poulet:
“Like everybody else, I believe that the end of criticism is to arrive at an intimate knowledge of the reality criticized. Now it seems to me that such intimacy is possible only insofar as critical thought becomes the thought criticized, insofar as it succeeds in re-feeling, re-thinking, re-imagining that thought from the inside. Nothing could be less objective than such a movement of the mind. Contrary to common belief, criticism must avoid attending to any object whatever (whether it be the person or the author, considered as someone else, or his work, considered as a thing); for what must be obtained is a subject, that is to say, a spiritual activity that can only be understood if one puts oneself in its place and revives within us its role as subject.” – “Response de,” Les Lettres nouvelles (June 1959)

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