Wednesday, April 21, 2010


running through my usual morning ritual of browsing the internet i stumbled across this "iamamiwhoami" video, there was no text, just "o", hooked.

headed over to google and found their youtube channel... talk about an extraordinary marketing campaign, thousands and thousands of hits on each of their 8 videos.. their newest is the aforementioned "o", the vocals reminded me immediately of the knife... but speculators say that karin dreijer andersson might have enough on her platter with two bands. seems the type of ambitious only damon albarn would want or could handle, if it were guy vocals, we´d definitely know who´d been behind this one.

.. so we´re up to the point where iamamiwhoami started uploading their material in december and playing mysterious, their videos are insanely beautiful and well-produced, as are the tracks.
four months in internet time is forever, apparently i´m the last to find out.
first tracks go by the name of a bunch of numbers, and last about a minute or so, newest tracks go by the name of a letter, maybe they´re dropping hints as to who is running the show. who knows, who cares...

go get lost.


this without a doubt may be one of my new favorite bands, i really hope it doesn´t turn out to be lady gaga.
the internet mind bottles the fuck out of my mind.

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