Thursday, April 22, 2010


honestly, i don´t understand the yeasayer hype.
i know i´m a bit late on this one but it´s been on the tip of my tongue since i heard ampling alp back in october or so.
what caused my unconformity was this; browsing through maddecent, and i don´t really know why i was there, not a huge diplo fan, there is a contest to remix them... and the list of their appearances on music websites is infinite.
i can´t put my finger on it, but i can´t stand it.
too happy?
sucky lyrics?
too much going on?
that voice?
experimental pop, world beat, psychedelic rock? ok, maybe i´ll give them a fragment of that... but to me it doesn´t feel experimental, new agey maybe, mixed in with some rock, i´m kind of lost on their psychedelia...
i´d give their live show a chance, see how´d they pull it off.

oh well some bands just have that type of luck, take for example vampire weekend, insane clown posse, and u2.

jake gyllenhaal: you fell about 50 points on my "actors i'm going to marry list" for your cameo in one of the worst videos i've ever seen, i mean EVER. (view vampire weekend's link.), i think even insane clown posse's video is better, and that's like saying taco bell is better than le cirque. maybe that's a bad metaphor but you get the gist.

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