Thursday, April 22, 2010

lunch break

it's time you know i've been working at an agency as a coolhunter, "coolhunter" is a ridiculous title, i know.. sounds too forced and not so spontaneous right? oh well, the price of "independence".
today i had the best lunch break i've had since coming here.
i'm usually the antisocial type that spends most of her time glued to her headphones, avoids small talk, fake laughter, and hardly comments on office ruckus. sounds like i'm the worst, well i think it's better this way.. i do what i have to do, have maybe two, three "friends", and that's about it.
my favorite parts about working here are 1. don leo, the security guard who's the sweetest most awesome human being, he gives me my daily dosage of hugs (weird right?) yesterday he told me i looked like belinda, a mexican pop singer, which is really nice of him, but i don't really think that´s the case and 2. the cafeteria/the people who work on the bottom floor.
when i don't have time or the mood (usually), i order a sandwich or salad from this cafeteria.. today was that type of day, i headed downstairs, where trinidad (trinity) usually takes my order, trinidad is a man, i got such an internal laugh today because i always ask for tons of lemon with my food, so he comes up to me and says, "lemon is good for your health michell, and goes on to saying the last time he went to the veterinary, the veterinary asked him if he consumed lemon, trinidad said "sí", and the vet goes on to say, "so that's why you're so healthy", i was about to correct him, but i thought it would have been too embarrassing, i found it endearing, trinidad is also a good mood stop in my routine.
next comes this 17 year old kid, who also works there, once i asked his name, but it was way too complicated, so i forgot. he builds up the nerve and as i'm sitting on the stool waiting, he asks me "what type of music are you into?", i say "synth pop (right bees) mostly european and american, i " just can't get enough""... he's like "oh that's cool"... so i go on to ask him what he's into, and he's "reggae", (my mind thought "of course").. he asks, "do you know reggae?" and i'm like, "yeah, i'm not really into it, but the wailers are cool", and he's like, "yeahhhh, bob marley is the bestttt"... stereotype.
so then i ask, "why'd you ask?", he's like, "welllll, you dress different than other people." and the next thing that pops into my mind is MUSIC IS SO FUCKING AMAZING. i mean, the way i dress probably has nothing to do with the fact that i'm into synth pop, but it struck some chord in this kid to ask...

and the other semi-awesome part about this lunch break is that i've been getting cigarette highs with the one cigarette i smoke after lunch, almost fainted while going up the stairs, that part wasn't so cool.

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