Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i´m the ghost

for reasons beyond my conscious understanding, foals and their new album have been hitting a nerve in both body and brain.
i´ve been unintentionally bumping into their songs, they´ve made me sigh and close my eyes more than twice.

maybe it´s the evident heartbreak one of these dudes lived, slow build up, fast come down, the frontman´s beard... who knows? for more reasons than i can actually put my finger on, there´s something making me want to listen to more of them... we´ll listen to the rest soon.

for now:

spanish sahara: hints on 3.17, ignites on 4.14....
and black gold holds steady pace and characteristic sound that defined foals with their first album.
that and the haunting background guitar at the beginning, making an appearance during the chorus, hitting that catchy break on minute 2.43
black gold isn´t on you tube, listen to it here or download at the link.

the photography of this video is amazing.


digital bees said...

evident heartbreak? role reversal.

michell halley said...

i tend to notice role reversal, now i know what my thing with foals is.