Thursday, May 6, 2010


today is election day in the uk. rhymed.

visit BILLbored

i thought this site to be encouraging. due to the situation our country is living at the current moment; loss of hope, motivation, and inspiration, insecurity; all cultivated through years and years of unfulfilled promises by our supposed leaders, we are in desperate need of a change.
i know nothing of politics or have bothered with knowing, due to lack of faith... the only thing i do know is that mexico needs new direction.. it's coming, i wonder where it'll lead us, hopefully, and i know there´s a longgg way to go, some recovered spot.

BILLbored´s manifesto:
is a viral art initiative aiming to empower people. The political parties aren't inspiring us. So we will have to inspire ourselves. No one is telling us what we want. We're not saying we have the answer. But we know what we don't want. We don't want this.
Born out of an anti-establishment desire to grab a paintbrush, smear the smear and take control; Billbored is about putting the spotlight back on you - and wants you to speak out.

Project#1 offers you the opportunity to design a billboard showing your vision for change in response to the UK General Elections. We have seen what the parties have had to say, and frankly, we are bored of it. With a politically none biased viewpoint, Billbored is voting for change.

Government are supposed to represent us, the people. We are re-wiring politics. Forget Whitehall. Forget corruption. Forget middle class baby boomers. Billboard is about youth, creativity and liberation. It is about time that we all made it clear what we want, instead of being enchanted by false promises.

In a call to action, we now want to see what you have to say. We are offering you the opportunity to express yourself about something that is ultimately going to affect us all, without being party specific or biased towards your vote.

Throughout Election Week, submitted designs will be made visible across London, with thanks to the support from Diesel UK and Red Bull who have helped in fueling our campaign. By using industrial projectors, we will broadcast your billboard design onto the front of buildings, ensuring that everyone in the city can view your vision for change.

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