Thursday, May 20, 2010

forever´s not so long

i always thought being alone was amazing, since a really young age, i criticized certain family members and friends for not knowing how to be alone, i never understood how someone could be so unfulfilled that they needed another human being to reassess their persona. twenty four years later this still isn´t fully clear, but i´m not so hard on anyone anymore, not even myself... how the fuck could i have the authority to judge what another person needs? and am i so blind that do i really think i don´t need anyone?

again, the endless philosophical inquiry... if a tree falls in the woods, and nobody sees it, does it really fall?

maybe that´s why this short made me almost cry.

maybe that´s life, the abstraction of a couple of mayor events and intersections with people, that will all lead to your inevitable death.

i don´t think it´s tragic at all, quite the opposite, i think it´s beautiful.

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