Wednesday, May 26, 2010

small talk

if i could describe one of the things i hate the most, i´d have to say small talk. it´s like my automatic off button.
whenever i eat at the office i have to sit through 15 to 45 minutes (which seem the longest of my life) of girls going on about some lame ass store, a bad movie, gael garcia´s recent interpretation in "letters to juliet", some mexican actor slash model (all/most suck in all sense of the word suck) being suchhhh a hottie, a party, soccer, how muchhhhh work they have to go back to, boss complaints, their daughters/sons getting bad grades, david guetta, hello kitty, the blind side/avatar, and to top it off, a piece of info. i wasn´t aware of: integration days. bowling, gotcha and god knows what else twice a year to promote friendly relationships in the office, i had to smile and say "so fun", maybe my performance wasn´t believable... i felt like such a hypocrite.

when i´m stuck here, i find myself in utter silence nodding and wanting to poke my eyes out with a stick.. half a second of insecurity peaks through and i think to myself, "these people must think i´m weird, or snobby, or stupid and have nothing interesting to say".. but then my common sense kicks back in and i realize i really don´t care. get up and smoke a cigarette.

such a hater, i know...
and don´t get me wrong... i´m not looking for some super profound, life awakening chat, just something that goes a little bit further than the mundane.


digital bees said...

i'm sooooooooo different. these people could never get me. i'm sooooooooo unique. they don't even knowwwwwwww what i'm really like.

michell halley said...

says the man who is a total mystery to his coworkers.

ps. i´d like for you to try to live through one of these conversations one day, see how well you tolerate.

MaFeR Espinosa said...
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MaFeR Espinosa said...
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